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Eureka goes out the way it came in

It is done.

If you haven’t had the chance to turn on your DVR and view the latest (and last) episode of “Eureka” this column isn’t for you. So just bookmark it and then after you hit the play button and enjoy the very last show, come back, give it a read and let me know what you think.

Here’s my two cents: the little show that could went out the way it came in — on little cat feet that slowly crept in and tickled the imagination.

Writer Jamie Paglia held true to the original intent of the show and provided us fans with all the quirkiness we could handle in the final episodes, from body doubles (don’t ask) to reanimating the dead (don’t ask even more), to the final piece-de-resistance of the last show provided us “Eureka” geeks with wormhole mania at its best.

Jack Carter again saves the day, and we would have expected no less. As he saves the town one last time, (although I don’t think it will be the last, but then, I’m an optimist), he takes us on a trip down memory lane and visits the most memorable images from the last six years. Flying through the wormhole al a Superman, Jack sees his life pass before him and allows us to tag along.

In the meantime, Fargo uses one of his handy-dandy gadgets that will ultimately lead to Eureka’s salvation (did you expect something different?), stages a sit-in to protest the closing of Global, calls in a last minute Hail Mary pass and sends out an S.O.S. to the calvary in the shape of one Dr. Trevor Grant.

Grant, who is a gazillionaire (who knew?), then surprises everyone by buying the town and saving it in the ninth hour. After all, Trevor Grant was one of the original founding fathers of “Eureka” way back when in 1947. Dr. Grant then instals Henry Deacon as director of Global, on the recommendation of Fargo, who is now off with the integrated-body-printed Dr. Holly Marten to search the galaxy, or at least the globe, for adventure; allowing Global Dynamics to continue creating mayhem, mirth and magic, ad infinitum.

Beverly Barlowe redeems her otherwise wicked self and sends in an anonymous tip to save Dr. Grace Monroe from going to prison allowing Grace to live happily ever after with Henry.

Dr. Allison Carter, nee Blake, announces that there will be a little Carter on the way, which nicely completes the Carter-Blake alliance.

Sheriff Andy shares his synapsis with Sarah, Carter’s smart house, in artificial intelligence bliss.

Jo finally channels her inner Juliet and asks Zane to be her lawfully wedded Romeo.

And Zoe is on her way to graduate Harvard summa cum laud and will (hopefully) return to “Eureka” as Dr. Zoe Carter someday.

In the final scene, as Carter drives Zoe to the airport they pass each other’s much younger selves on the way into Eureka, prompting Jack to comment, “I’ll deal with that tomorrow,” leaving us all hopeful that “Eureka” will continue to flourish, not in sight, not in sound, but in mind.

Not for Nuthin™, but maybe Jamie Paglia can squeeze out his own Hail Mary pass and give us just one last Christmas special this December. After all anything is possible in “Eureka” in any timeline.

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