Everybody in the shower!

Everybody in the shower!
Laura Golderberg (foreground) was happy to share her new high-end shower with pals like Cynthia Hsiung (background). Photo by Paul Martinka

Laura Goldberg is beaming over her new walk-in shower.

The Pineapple Street resident and freelance public relations consultant likes it so much that she recently invited 18 of her closest friends to experience the magnificence of four wall sprays, adjustable massage settings, and overhead rainfall feature for themselves.

“I wanted it to feel like a spa and it definitely has that sensibility,” Goldberg says.

The BYOT – Bring Your Own Towel – house warming promised daring guests “7 minutes in heaven” goodie bags by Johnson’s Body Care and all the Pallini Limoncello liqueur they could drink.

Eight of them actually stripped down and let the shower rip.

““It was a ton of fun,” former investment banker Kyle Mooney says. “I thought it was going to be a bizarre party but it turned out to be fabulous.”

According to Goldberg, all it took was for one of her guests to decide and take the plunge for others to follow.

A “bathroom maitre d’” especially hired for the party even held everyone’s “reservation” and kept the 3 by 5 foot shower ship-shape in between guests.

Goldberg moved into the 600 square foot studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights about seven years ago, but only now had the opportunity to realize her “dream bathroom.”

“The recession has been challenging for everyone,” she says.“It’s up to all of us to look for the silver lining. I was lucky enough to afford the renovation and take advantage of the fact you can now get contractors to work with you.”

Mooney also recently renovated his own bathroom but says he “got hosed.”

“The tiles were three times more than I expected,” he said.

As an avid cook, Goldberg says the next phase of her renovation project is likely to be the kitchen.

“I’m blessed,” she said.

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