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Everyday gourmet: Our arts editor’s office coffee ritual

Weigh out 22 grams of coffee. Today I am using beans from Nicaragua roasted by Four Barrel in San Francisco, which is not very Brooklyn-forward of me, but they were a gift.
Community News Group / Nathan Tempey

Brooklyn Paper arts editor Ruth Brown has a book coming out. “Coffee Nerd” breaks down the latest developments in high-end coffee culture so that even the most hopeless Keurig-cup user can understand them. For an introduction into that world that proves you don’t have to have to go to a laboratory-style cafe to get gourmet, we figured we would share Ruth’s own office coffee ritual.

Click through the slideshow above to see her whole morning process.

A note from Ruth on the equipment being used: The brewer I am using is called a Clever Coffee Dripper, which is a hybrid of an immersion brewer (like a French press) and a manual drip brewer (like a Melitta), combining the fuller body and flavor of the former with the clarity of the latter. It is made by a Taiwanese company with the amazing name of Absolutely Best Idea Development. It has a simple but clever mechanism in the bottom that allows the liquid to drip out when you place the brewer on a cup, but plugs it back up again when you take it off. I think it is an ideal brewer for the office because it is much easier to clean than a French press and much simpler to use than a regular pour-over (you don’t need a special kettle and you don’t need to stand there slowly pouring in water for minutes). It is also a great conversation-starter with mysterious workmates from other departments. You can buy one for $18–$22.

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