Ex-pol wants to create a new political party

Still busy: Michael Geller plans to start a new political club and write a book based on Southern Brooklyn politics following his defeat by Ari Kagan during the Sheepshead Bay Democratic district leader election.
File photo by Steve Solomonson

Hey, smarty! Wanna join a new party?

A Sheepshead Bay Democratic district leader who lost his re-election bid last week after more than 25 years in office says he plans to create a new bi-partisan club dubbed the “Intelligent Voters Association.”

“It won’t matter if you’re a democrat, a republican, a libertarian, a conservative, or a tea partier — we’re going to work together to find candidates that are interested in the city, country, and community, and we’ll do everything to get him elected,” said Michael Geller, who has been a member of the High-Way Democratic Club, the second oldest Democratic group in Brooklyn, since 1989.

Geller, a writer who penned “Three Strikes, You’re Dead” and “Heroes Also Die” before becoming a Democratic district leader, said he plans to host an open house featuring representatives from various electoral factions in November, and hopes that community leaders from Jewish, Russian, Tea Party, and liberal communities will be in attendance.

“I think people are at the point where they’re not happy with either party and they’re looking to put something together where they don’t have to vote along party lines,” said Geller. “They want to vote for people.”

Russian journalist Ari Kagan bested Geller at the polls on Sept. 13, gaining more than 60 percent of the vote.

Geller said that while he recruits members for his new club, he’ll be writing another book that he claims will dabble in current events.

“This district has seen a lot of interesting cases and a lot of interesting people: Rep. Anthony Weiner, state Sen. Carl Kruger, and former Gov. Spitzer,” said Geller. “I don’t want to do a tell-all, someone would shoot me, but I will do something. It’s been a while since I wrote my last book, and I’ve got a few good ideas.”

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