Experience some real ‘animal magnetism’ this Valentine’s Day

Experience the wild side of romance at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s zoos and aquarium this Valentine’s Day. While we humans exchange heart-shaped boxes and red roses, creatures of all kinds at the zoos will be showing their own version of animal magnetism.

An array of exotic wildlife lives at each WCS facility. Some animals prefer to live alone; others chose to live in very large groups, which can sometimes be dominated by one high-ranking male.

Prospect Park Zoo

All in the Family: Bole, a Hamadryas baboon, has a harem of three adult females in his family troop, so there definitely won’t be a shortage of affection for him this Valentine’s Day.

Perfect Pandas: A pair of red pandas at the Prospect Park Zoo have been living together for the last year. They are often seen snuggling close to each other, proving that they are a most compatible match.

Holding Hands: Saki monkeys Opus and Winola are a male-female duo that seem to care about each other very much. Opus, the male, is often seen caressing Winola’s face and staring deep into her eye, making sure she knows who matters.

New York Aquarium:

Get a Sea Lion Kiss for your Valentine: Catch one of the aquarium’s daily Sea Lion Celebrations in Aquatheater, and afterwards, book a Sea Lion Encounter to ask questions and get up close with our sea lion celebrities. Visitors will receive a meet-and-greet session with one of the aquarium’s California sea lions. Encounters occur every day after the Sea Lion Celebration show. Participants will learn about these magnificent animals, ask questions, and finally get a sea lion kiss. Sea Lion Encounters cost $20.

The Prospect Park Zoo is at 450 Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Park; call 718-399-7339 or visit www.prospectparkzoo.com.

The New York Aquarium is on Surf Avenue at West Eighth Street in Coney Island; call 718-265-FISH or visit www.nyaquarium.com.

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