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Eye candy

Felony focus

Glasses are expensive! That’s why a nearsighted purse snatcher headed straight to Macy’s Optical after making his grab on Dec. 4.

The victim was queued up at 99 Cents City on Hoyt Street at 11:20 am when a man nabbed her bag off the handle of her stroller. After getting the $80 and credit cards, he bolted straight to the eyewear emporium.

Pinky pincher

A denim-clad mugger brawled with a 63-year-old man on Schermerhorn Street on Dec. 4.

The victim told police he was near Hoyt Street at 4:35 pm when a yellow cab pulled up and a thug emerged from the back seat and grabbed $130 from his pocket.

The two men then began wrestling, but the criminal escaped when the victim injured his pinky.

Bike by

A ride-by purse snatcher did his work from the safety of his bicycle seat on Dec. 3.

The victim, a young woman, was on Warren Street near Third Avenue at 11:05 pm, when the cycling creep rolled by, lifting her pocketbook from her shoulder. It contained an iPod nano, a Mexican driver’s license and her New York ID.

Pump plucked

A thief forced a new mother to feed her baby the old fashioned way, after he took packages from the lobby of her Pierrepont Street building on Dec. 3.

The victim, who’d recently given birth, left her home, near Hicks Street, at 11:30 am and returned at 6:30 pm to find that a thief had broken the building’s front window and gotten inside, where he took her new breast pump and various other upscale baby products before fleeing.

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