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Fake cops

Two more police impersonators struck on March 14, showing up at a St. James Place apartment with a “warrant,” pulling out firearms, handcuffing their victim, and walking off with $2,000 worth of his belongings.

In what has become a frequent occurrence on the Police Blotter page, two men in their mid 20s claimed to be officers and entered the apartment, which is between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, at around 9:15 pm.

They even said they had a “warrant” in the 33-year-old tenant’s name. When he didn’t believe them, they each drew a gun and put the tenant in handcuffs.

They ultimately walked off with $1,500 and a pair of $500 diamond earrings, cops said.

Kids mugged

Two 17-year-old kids were mugged on March 4 at the corner of Classon and Putnam avenues.

“Why are you scared?” asked one of the two guys who approached the youngsters at 10:15 pm.

“What are you listening to?” the second thug asked. “And why are you on my block?”

The kids ignored the queries and kept on walking, but the thugs grabbed them from behind, threw them against a car, and emptied their pockets.

The kids lost their cellphones, two iPods and $15.

Bullies suck

Bullies beat up a student leaving a respected Fort Greene Place high school on March 11.

The victim, a 16-year-old Bay Ridge resident, was exiting the building, at DeKalb Avenue, at 5:05 pm, when five guys — none of whom he recognized — approached him.

“Who, him?” asked one of the guys, pointing at the victim, before punching him in the face, knocking him to the floor, and then punching him in the face same more.

All of that pounding caused the victim’s cellphone to fall from his hand. The thugs picked it up and then left the house of learning.


A woman’s apartment was burglarized while she was hanging out next door on March 7.

The 30-year-old resident of the DeKalb Avenue apartment, at Waverly Avenue, visited the next-door apartment at 7 pm, leaving her front door unlocked.

She returned at 12:30 am to find that someone had taken her Canon digital camera, three credit cards and a health insurance card.

He has a canister

A bearded man tried to rob a Flushing Avenue bank on March 12, but walked away with nary a penny.

The man, dressed in black from his cowboy hat to his dress shoes, walked into the bank, at Washington Avenue, at 12:55 pm, and passed a note to the bank teller that began, “I have a canister…” The teller, 44, looked up and noticed the 6-foot man was indeed holding a small gold canister. Alarmed, she stopped reading the note, left it on the counter and sought her manager.

The would-be-robber, also apparently alarmed, picked up the note and left the bank, taking the mysterious canister with him.


Thugs smacked a 13-year-old kid on March 13 and then swiped his cellphone.

The unfortunate Clermont Avenue resident had been walking past the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street at around 8:10 am when three boys approached him from behind and smacked his face.

Next, they reached into his coat pocket and removed his phone.

The thugs fled toward the Fulton Street train station, where three of them, one 15 years old, the other two 16, were arrested by cops. One thug got away.


Four thugs surrounded a 15-year-old boy on March 13 and threatened to punch him unless he gave up his iPod.

“Take out what you got in your pocket,” said one of the thugs, all of whom looked about 16 years old, after they surrounded the kid on Fort Greene Place, between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, at 4:50 pm.

The kid complied, though one of the thugs saw fit to warn him, “If you do something, I will punch you.”

Another mug

A hoodlum mugged a Clinton Avenue man from behind on March 16.

The victim was walking near the corner of Willoughby and Clermont avenues — just three blocks from his home — at around 2 am when the thieves struck.

He lost $80, a Sidekick cellphone, and his driver’s license.

Carjacker collared

Cops arrested two guys for stealing a Mercedes Benz from an Atlantic Avenue car wash on March 14.

The owner of the 2003 vehicle said a man riding a black 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle, drove up to the car wash, between Vanderbilt and Clermont avenues, at around 6:40 pm, parked the bike on the sidewalk, and hopped into the Benz as it was leaving the car wash.

The thief drove the Mercedes north on Vanderbilt Avenue.

Cops later arrested two guys for the crime, one 22 years old and the other 24.

Cars stolen

At least four vehicles were stolen and two were damaged last week in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, cops said. Here’s a roundup:

• On March 11, between 10:10 am and 8:55 pm, someone broke the ignition off of a 1988 Toyota Camry parked in front of a building on Willoughby Avenue, between Washington and Waverly avenues.

• Someone succeeded in stealing another Toyota Camry, this one from 1989, from in front of a Cumberland Street home, between Lafayette and Greene avenues.

The car’s 45-year-old owner said he’d parked the white sedan at 2:30 pm, but by 4 pm, it was gone.

• A 1996 Nissan SUV was snatched from the corner of Flushing and Grand avenues sometime between 5 pm on March 12 and 5:50 pm on March 16.

• A 1990 Jeep Cherokee was stolen from Fulton Street, between Adelphi Street and Carlton Avenue, sometime between 8 pm on March 13 and 8:30 am on March 14.

• A thief broke the front passenger window of a vehicle parked at the northeast corner of Gates Avenue and St. James Place, making off with, well, not all that much.

The car’s 33-year-old owner said he parked the vehicle at 8:30 am on March 14 and returned at 11:50 am the next day to find the window broken. The thief stole his work ID, his debit card, two credit cards, and five insurance cards.

• A 2006 BMW was stolen from the northeast corner of Fulton Street and Vanderbilt Avenue sometime between 3 pm on March 13 and 5 pm on March 16, 5 pm.

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