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Fearsome phone foursome

Phone heist

A posse of robbers mugged a man on Leonard Street for his cellphone on Nov. 21.

The victim told cops that he was between Bayard Street and Manhattan Avenue at around 5 pm when four perps approached and one asked for the phone.

The victim didn’t comply, but fled — though the thugs quickly caught him, and started kicking and punching him.

That’s when he surrended the mobile telecommunications device, and the thieves fled.

Morning punch

A thug stopped at a Franklin Street intersection, got out of his car and punched a man in the face on Nov. 22.

The victim told cops he was at Oak Street at around 4 am when he was attacked by the unknown assailant.

The perp fled, leaving the victim to nurse a swollen and bleeding face.

Morning would

A woman woke up to find a burglar in her Green Street house on Nov. 21 — and startled him into leaving before he could make a bigger haul.

The woman told police that she was awakened at around 5:30 am in the apartment, which is between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street, by an unknown man rummaging in her house.

She screamed, and the thief ran out with $80.


Someone broke into a sportsman’s Kingsland Avenue garage and boosted his snowboard and bike on Nov. 19.

The burglar forced his way into the storage room between Division Place and Richardson Street sometime between 5 and 6:20 pm and got the winter sports equipment.

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