Feeling dumped on

Oh, poo!

Some thug stole a laptop and camera from the Blue Barn Pictures shop on Jay Street on Dec. 20 while the manager was in the bathroom.

The worker said that he was only gone for a second, but when he went back inside the shop near Water Street at about 9:20 am, his equipment was gone. He had security cams captured all the action, but cops still can’t find the perp.

Earring fail

A perp stole a ritzy $30,000 pair of earrings from a State Street shop on Dec. 20.

An employee told cops that the thief came into the beloved jewelry store, which is near Court Street, at about 3:30 pm and said, “I would like to look at those earrings” before she pulled out the diamond-studded beauties. When she did, he ripped them out of her hands and fled the store.

R-ipped off

A phoneless creep snatched a woman’s iPhone on an R train at DeKalb Avenue on Dec. 21.

The woman said that she was on the train, which was stopped under Flatbush Avenue Extension, at about 1 pm when the dude sitting next to her grabbed the expensive device and fled.

Bag boy

A fast perp grabbed a woman’s handbag when she set it down outside the Macy’s on the Fulton Mall on Dec. 21.

The woman said that she’d just put her bag down on a “stand” outside the shop, which is near Lawrence Street, at about 4:20 pm. The perp came running around the corner and snatched the bag before she could react — and he made off with a phone and cash.

Macy’s theft

A quick-handed thief took a woman’s bag when she wasn’t looking at Macy’s on Dec. 22.

The woman told cops that she was pushing a stroller containing the bag at the Fulton Mall store, which is near Lawrence Street, at about 11:50 am. When she looked away for an instant, her bag was gone, along with $106, Burberry perfume, and a bag of clothes from the just-opened Aeropostale nearby.


A jerk stole a man’s wallet inside Planet Fitness on Duffield Street on Dec. 22.

The victim said he left his wallet on the treadmill at the frequent crime scene, which is near Fulton Street, at about 9:20 pm. When he returned minutes later, the wallet was gone, along with $900.

Columbia heist

A fast-acting freak took a woman’s bag right off of her shoulder on Clark Street on Dec. 23.

The woman said that she was near Columbia Heights when she felt a tap on her shoulder at about 6:20 pm. She turned to meet the perp, who grabbed her expensive bag, containing $120 and a cellphone, and fled.

— Andy Campbell