Female foursome attack man and empty his pockets

90th Precinct


Girl group

Four female muggers emptied a guy’s pockets at a Union Avenue subway station in the early morning hours of Sept. 4.

The victim told cops he was about to board a Church Avenue-bound G train at the station near Keap Street at 5:30 am when one of the foursome grabbed his cellphone out of his hand, but he was able to get it back after a struggle.

The three other deviants then grabbed him from behind and managed to pull the belongings out of his pockets, including his iPhone, headphones, and debit card, authorities say. The victim and the perps boarded the train together and got off at Bedford and Nostrand Avenues, where the quad scrammed, according to a police report.

Clean freak

Cops cuffed a driver who they say chucked a can of cleaning spray at a guy’s head in a rage-fueled incident in a Manhattan Avenue supermarket parking lot on Sept. 4.

The victim told cops he was loading groceries into his mom’s car outside the supermarket near Broadway at 2 pm when the alleged assailant in a white van became furious that he could not pass.

When the irate driver finally managed to squeeze by, he allegedly chucked a Lysol aerosol can from window, striking the victim in the head and causing a laceration and bleeding, authorities say. The alleged perp drove off, but the victim chased after him on foot and flagged down a nearby police car, and cops caught up and cuffed the guy, according to a police report.

Tower of terror

A nasty scoundrel dragged a woman into a Ross Street apartment building at knifepoint and ended up stealing her purse before fleeing the scene on the morning of Sept. 1.

The victim says she was near Wythe Avenue at around 5:50 am when the sinister scamp came up from behind and poked her with a knife, telling her not to scream or he would cut or stab her, authorities say.

The perp took the victim inside a nearby apartment building and into an elevator, but the struggling victim managed to get out on the 11th floor, according to a police report. Cops say the guy snatched the victim’s purse, which contained a wad of cash and a cellphone, before fleeing on foot in an unknown direction.

— Allegra Hobbs