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FEMA’s excuse gives new meaning to lame

Really — you’re surprised that insurance companies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and our illustrious president are tightening the screws?

I’m not. It’s par for the course here in the good ol’ US of A. President Obama made a big showing of being a caring good guy before the election. He came, he hugged, he reassured. “No red-tape” he promised.

Ovine manure.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is a joke. People are still struggling with trying to get money to replace their homes and struggling to find a place to live in the meantime. But, hey, it’s only been a month.

What’s a month or two without heat, a roof over your head, and a place to call home?

Not much when you can enjoy the sun and surf in Hawaii.

Victims of Hurricane Sandy are still being victimized, this time by the flimflam surge perpetrated by insurance companies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The companies and CEOs are sitting pretty on the money that has been collected over the years from honest, hardworking homeowners who have faithfully paid their premiums.

Now that the companies should be paying out those claims, timely and without delay, the companies are pulling out the stops not to pay up. What’s wrong? CEOs afraid their fat bonuses and salaries will have to trim down a bit this holiday season?

I have heard horror stories from so many people. Insurance companies refusing to pay claims. The Federal Emergency Management Agency only offers loans instead of grants. I’ve heard stories from a single mom and her son that they didn’t qualify for a grant because the two work and made too much, so they could get a loan at a variable rate of interest if they wanted. But no grant to replace their worldly possessions and home, which was destroyed.

But the ultimate betrayal was how it failed to keep a pregnant woman with a 2-year-old child properly housed in a hotel because the fax machine was not working.

Can you believe it? For want of a fax machine, a hotel room was snatched out from under a pregnant woman’s feet.

Keri Christian, who is eight months along, and her 2-year-old daughter were kicked out of their hotel room because the Federal Emergency Management Agency couldn’t file the extension request in a timely manner.

What a major crock of slime. The bottom line is, as usual, the consumers, are the ones left holding the bag. Literally.

Not for Nuthin™, but I’m really trying to find the bright side in all this. Oh, yeah, we now have all that red tape to decorate our houses with. The color goes so well with the holiday season, don’t you think?

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