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Fight of the Valkyrie! Sunset Park to host first all-women pro wrestling show

Down for the count: Wrestling has not looked this pure since the 1940s, when the likes of Mae “the Blonde Bombshell” Young battled Mae Weston and fat referees were nicknamed “Tiny.”
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By Jules Bentley

Whatcha gonna do when She-Hulkamania runs wild on you?

On May 24, a wrestling venue in Sunset Park will host Valkyrie, New York’s first all-female professional wrestling event. There have been many great lady pro wrestlers, but most women’s wrestling in the television era has been at best a sideshow and at worst an exploitative cheesecake-fest in which awkward bikini models pull each other’s hair. That is not what this grapple-fest is about, a promoter said.

“We are looking to showcase some of the best female wrestlers out there right now in a serious, sports-driven atmosphere,” said Valkyrie’s vice president Phil Stamper. “This is the first of its kind in New York City and we aim not to break the mold but to shatter the foundation.”

Female pro wrestling was banned in New York state for decades, meaning the first women’s pro wrestling match did not happen here until 1972. It is hard to believe there hasn’t ever been an all-female pro wrestling show anywhere in the five boroughs, but even the most obsessive examination of what historical record exists suggests Valkyrie’s Saturday show will indeed be precedent-setting. The lineup includes some of the independent circuit’s hottest established female bruisers as well as up-and-comers from around the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Colombia, and Japan.

Likely to be the night’s biggest match is a “special challenge” in which former National Wrestling Alliance World Women’s Champ Kacee Carlisle will take on the savage and sadistic Mickie Knuckles. Knuckles, reached by phone, sounded not just confident but crazed.

“I’ve put myself through hell and back,” she told this reporter. “I’ve wrestled men — men like [horrendous maniac] Necro Butcher and 2 Cold Scorpio.”

Watch out: Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks, the self-proclaimed “baddest woman on the planet.”
Valkyrie Women’s Professional Wrestling

How might her notorious toughness match up against Carlisle’s championship experience?

“I’ve broken my femur and wrestled with it still broken,” Knuckles snarled. “I’ve got crazy on my side.”

A check-in with her opponent bore out this claim.

“Mickie Knuckles is known as one of the toughest women in professional wrestling for a reason,” Carlisle said. “I always welcome the opportunity to have my limits and skills tested in the ring, and I’m sure this match against Mickie will do just that … [but] I’m confident I will find a way to leave the match, Brooklyn, and Valkyrie victorious.”

Both bruisers are excited to be part of this history-making event and will be bringing their A games, they say. If you haven’t recently experienced the fun, raucous atmosphere of independent pro wrestling, this all-ages, family-friendly event is a perfect opportunity.

“Valkyrie Women’s Professional Wrestling” at Ludus Wrestling Center (133 29th St. between Third and Fourth avenues in Sunset Park, www.valkyriewomens.com). May 24, 7 pm. $20, $15 for kids, cheaper in advance.

The main event: The fearsome females of Valkyrie will duke it out, and make history, on Saturday.
Valkyrie Women’s Professional Wrestling

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