Finally, a hospital gala that was fun

Finally, a hospital gala that was fun
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It was the doctors’ turn to get a prognosis on Saturday — but not about their health.

At the New York Methodist Hospital gala last weekend, hundreds of surgeons, physicians, nurses and guests were entertained by Gill and Jill Bumby — a dynamic duo of fashionistas who were on hand to give “a fair and honest appraisal” of the attendees’ appearance.

The Bumbys, who hide their identities behind wigs, masks and fake names, brought their disguises and their typewriter to the gala last Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum and typed away to give interested guests an analysis of their look.

And apparently, the Brooklyn elite enjoyed finding out the first impressions they made on these officers from the fashion police.

“People were very amused,” said hospital spokeswoman Lyn Hill, who added that

guests handled the Bumby ruling better than tone-deaf singers do on “American Idol.”

“I didn’t see anybody who was at all upset,” she said. “Everybody seemed to score very high in the end, even when the Bumbys said things that weren’t necessarily totally accurate.”

Even hospital CEO Mark Mundy got the Simon Cowell treatment — even after Jill Bumby was forewarned that he was the CEO. She gave Mundy a 9.5 out of 10, and told him he was a perfect blend of Jon Voigt and Anthony Hopkins.

“She said that he was tall and dashing,” said Viranda Tantula, the Bumbys’ producer. “She definitely gave him a bit of sass, but he seemed to take it in good stride.”

Beyond the parlor games, there was serious work to be done: the Park Slope hospital recognized three of its staff for their leadership and service. Surgeon Prasad Gudavelli and neonatology chief Madhu Gudavalli, the hospital’s power couple, were given the Lewis S. Pilcher Award. Lawyer and hospital trustee James Perkins was awarded the James Monroe Buckley Award.

Both the Gudavellis and Perkins may have gone home with an award, but because of their duties as guests of honor, they missed out on the real prize of the evening — an evaluation from the Bumbys.

“I asked them toward the end of the evening when they were packing up,” Perkins said. “But my family got evaluated. They said my daughter belonged on a beach somewhere — she had a tan.”

Tantula said the two unique entertainers were happy to lend their expertise to the gala.

“They had a great time performing,” Tantula said. “They’re Brooklynites, so they enjoyed helping out in any way they could.”

Mark Mundy, New York Methodist Hospital CEO, shares the Bumbys’ ruling at the hospital awards gala Saturday.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini