Finally, the Sisters showed mercy

The Sisters of Mercy bowed to loud public backlash — and lived up to their name — by backing down on the early eviction of the Narrows Senior Center from the Angel Guardian home. The nuns, who sold the sprawling former orphanage in Dyker Heights, gave up their plan to evict the seniors months before the end of their lease after the oldsters rallied with local pols to protest their imminent ouster. The nuns will now allow the senior center to stay in the building until June 4 — when its lease ends.

One Brooklyn Daily reader, however, didn’t necessarily agree with the outcome:

Good grief, people!!! Excuse me, but what part of “property sold” do these people not understand? This property has been on the market for well over a year (at least), so it cannot be a shock that they [the senior center] might have to relocate. These people should be speaking to the new ownership, or the local community boards and-or political figures, etc., who effectively blocked places like Catholic Charities organizations over tax help etc., so that affordable housing, etc., could be put there.

The Sisters of Mercy have no say in the future of the property so stop blaming them. Try to get the help of the one’s who now can make a decision, and maybe thank the Sisters of Mercy for their help and support in the past. Good grief, people!

MH from Brooklyn Catholic

President’s off base

To the editor,

President Trump has called for an end to all migration except those of skilled and educated individuals. This viewpoint has been a constant in American history, and if it was always the rule America would not be the great country that it was before Trump and under Trump. The people make the country great, not the President. It is time to take a quick look at the history of how America was populated. The original settlers were composed of either political refugees , religious dissenters or criminals. These are clearly not the types of immigrants that President Trump wants to admit to our great country.

The first great wave of migration to America came as a result of two events. One was the Irish fleeing the brutality of British rule. The second was the individuals who unsuccessfully revolted against the leadership of several European countries. The next migration was from Eastern Europe as a result of suppression by the Russian government. There was also a significant migration from Italy. With the exception of the refugees after the failure of the revolution the refugees were mostly uneducated. These individuals came to America looking for a better life and they found it. Despite their lack of education they contributed greatly to our country. My grandparents were among them at the turn of the 20th century. Our story is no different than many other families. If President Trump’s proposed policies were in effect throughout American history then the following individuals would be in America. I am only giving three examples. and two of them I disagree on nearly everything but they definitely contribute to the greatness of America. Senators Rubio and Cruz and Gov. Cuomo.

In fact there is another question: Why would successful educated individuals from Norway – as President Trump wanted – come to America? They are doing well in their country and have no reason to leave. Of course there are always a few exceptions, but his reasoning is out of the logical realm.Alan Podhaizer

Coney Island

The Eagles flew

To the editor,

I usually don’t bother watching millionaires on sports teams play, though I had to join in on the celebrations as Philadelphia won Super Bowl LII (That’s 52 for those who didn’t attend school in the 1950’s). Since our New Jersey teams, the Giants and Jets, seemingly crashed and burned during the season, it was refreshing to see a truly hungry team hit the top. And now, what is more satisfying than rubbing it into the face of our traitor New York City Mayor, DeBlasio, as he roots for Boston teams. I only have these words for him: Congratulations Eagles on a fantastic win, and to our feckless leader: Ha-ha!!

Robert W. Lobenstein

Marine Park

We gotta have park

To the editor,

Thank you and reporter Colin Mixson for the story on the insane Department of Transportation plan to give away our streets so private companies can make money while we Slopers who own cars will have to circle the block even more just to park.

This story should have been on the front page! It’s outrageous. These DOT Manhattanites likely don’t have cars and probably can’t drive anyway.

What is worse is the tendency of our Community Board 6 to cave-in so quickly. This board is supposed to ‘represent’ us and have the interests of the community at heart. Instead they go along with this stupid idea and actually think car owners will be happy to give up their wheels!

We pay insurance for these cars, we pay for plates and our taxes pay to pave the streets we live on and I am furious that the anti-car city officials and a spineless Community Board are unwilling to represent the community! Sick of idiots!Tom Ginocchio

Park Slope


To the editor,

To all those who think that living in a cooperative building is the panacea for housing, please think again.

At my Avenue Z co-op in Sheepshead Bay, due to inadequate attendance at the yearly meetings of residents, we have been unable to hold elections for board members and as a result, the current board stays on for another year. Another year has now become at least 15 years. Therefore, the board feels they can do as they please. During the intervening years, vacancies through resignations have occurred, but the board appoints the person rather than hold a vote. When a vacancy occurred this past summer, I applied, but after a brief interview of less than 20 minutes, I was informed by email that I did not receive the position. As of this date, they never named who the person was who was appointed.

The board, knowing that they shall remain in power, often acts in an arbitrary and sometimes capricious manner. Since 2012 they have forced all residents to pay for a pool whether or not you use it. From the co-op’s inception 30 years ago, if you wanted the pool, you paid for it. The change was made without discussion. Now, rumor has it that a gym is being constructed and of course we shall have to pay for this as well. As usual, there was no input from residents, no meetings or anything to discuss this. Apparently, there is money for a gym but not to investigate why many apartments in the building are currently receiving inadequate heating and discuss the cockroach infestation brought on by remodeling of vacated apartments.

It is imperative that the New York State Attorney General investigate these renegade co-op boards.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Attack on taxes

To the editor,

Not with my tax money.

Though UFT-sought and sanctioned, the New York City “Central Education Department Office of Administrative Duties” has outlived a proper, fiscally responsible place (under many circumstances). A “Perv Teach” creep like the one just reported to have again emotionally and sexually abused a student in Queens should be fired, period. The time it takes to investigate and make judgment is far too long. Additionally, there are many other examples of fiscally irresponsible practices various city-state unions sanction, approved by former and current elected officials, that abuse our tax dollars at the cost of the quality of life of the hard working, tax paying electorate.

Barry Brothers


Price is not right

To the editor,

When it comes to transportation, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed new April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 $168.2 billion dollar budget failed to provide specific funding sources to deal with many of his $100 billion transportation promises. Cuomo still needs to come up with $5.8 billion balance of the $8.3 balance he still owes to fund the $32 billion 2015 – 2019 MTA Five Year Capital Plan, $4.3 billion toward $6 billion Second Avenue Subway Phase 2, $7.25 billion for New York State’s 25% share of the $29 billion Amtrak Gateway Tunnel along with paying back the $1.6 billion dollar federal loan and the $1 billion State Thruway Authority Bond, which helped finance the new $3.9 billion Tappan Zee Bridge, just to name a few previous commitments.

Cuomo reminds me of the cartoon character Wimpy, who famously said: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Taxpayers and MTA riders should be prepared for higher fares, taxes, more debt and borrowing in coming years to cover the costs for all of Cuomo’s promises.

Larry Penner

Great Neck