Firefighter busted for driving drunk

Soused and doused

An off-duty firefighter was arrested on Jan. 16 after he was caught driving drunk through Coney Island.

Police said that the 45-year-old smoke eater was spotted making a lane change in an unsafe manner at 2 am. He was then arrested, but cops wouldn’t say exactly where he was taken into custody.

Balcony boob

A 25-year-old thief was nabbed on Jan. 9 when he was seen on a second floor balcony of a Brighton Fourth Street home.

Witnesses spotted the thief trying to open the sliding glass doors that led to the second floor balcony of the home, which is between Oceanview and Neptune avenues, at 4:13 am and called police.

Snow job

A 19-year-old Coney Island man threatened an aquaintance with a knife and a hammer on Jan. 8, but ultimately attacked him with a clump of ice, cops from the 60th Precinct said this week.

The attacker had been arguing inside the aquaintance’s apartment, which is on W. 21st Street between Mermaid and Surf avenues, at 6 pm. The victim repeatedly told the attacker to leave, but the man wouldn’t budge.

Instead, the attacker threatened the victim with the hammer and knife, but ultimately ended up shoving a piece of ice into the man’s face — causing a slight injury.

Cupcake caper

A note-passing thief raided the new Cupcake Kings store on Voorhies Avenue on Jan. 15, taking $400.

Workers at the sweet shop, which is between E. 16th Street and Sheepshead Bay Road, said that the thief came in at 4:53 pm and handed the cashier a note reading, “I have a gun, don’t try anything. Give me cash now.”

He then handed the woman a black bag to put the cash in. All the while his other hand was in his pocket, as if he had a pistol.

“Hurry up, hurry up! Read the note!” he demanded before running off with the cash.

Left unguarded

A thief broke into an Ocean Avenue apartment on Jan. 15 — removing a window guard in the process.

The victim said that when she returned to her home, which is between Avenues W and X, at 11:30 pm, she found the window guard, which was affixed to the kitchen window, in the living room. Whoever put it there fled the apartment with an iPod, camera, and $4,000 in jewelry, the tenant told police.

Cleaning up

Two teens raided a Neptune Avenue laundromat on Jan. 13, but ended up begging for a clean slate after being apprehended by police.

Employees of the Laundry King, which is between E. 19th Street and Brighton 11th Street, told police that the teens entered the store at 10 pm and started a conversation with a worker.

They grabbed the tip jar and an employee’s iPod before running off — only to be apprehended by police a short time later.

Two on one

A pair of thugs jumped a 21-year-old on Coyle Street on Jan. 13 — but only one of them got away with it.

The victim told police that he was arguing with the two men — who he knew — between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue at 10:50 pm when the duo began pummeling him with punches.

The goons then threw their victim into a fence before running off. Responding officers arrested one of the teens after a brief search.

Girl fight

A pair of female thugs jumped a 47-year-old woman on Bay 28th Street on Jan. 11, taking her purse and cellphone.

The woman told police that she was entering the lobby of her building, which is between Bath and Cropsey avenues, at 5:45 pm when the thieves attacked, striking her in the head.

Sinister swinger

A masked man with a baseball bat robbed a 22-year-old during a bizarre confrontation on 86th Street.

The victim said he was nearing 21st Avenue at 12:52 pm when the unidentified crook ran up to him with the bat, threatening to brain him with it if he didn’t hand over his property.

Tunnel rats

Some villainous vermin tunnelled their way into the F&N Grocery on Avenue S on Jan. 8, taking an assortment of cigarettes, phone cards and $650.

Workers at the store, which is located between Van Siclen and W. Third streets, said that they closed for the night at 6:30 pm. When they returned the next morning, a hole was found cut in the back wall of the store.

Cellphone raid

A crew of thieves took an unconventional approach to raiding an 86th Street T-Mobile store on Jan. 6 — they came in from above.

Workers said the crooks forced the rooftop hatch of the building, which is between Bay 29th Street and Bay Parkway, sometime before 11:30 pm — but were arrested by police moments after they broke in.

Pharmacy raid

A thug forced his way into an Avenue V pharmacy on Jan. 9, but ran off empty-handed.

Workers at the store, which is between E. 21st and E. 22nd streets, said that someone forced up the roll-down gate sometime after 5:15 am.

More pharmacy raids

Thieves burglarized an Avenue X pharmacy on Jan. 6, making off with $39.

Employees told police that the thief disabled the security system before popping the locks to the front door of the business, which is between W. First and W. Second streets.