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Flag flip

Topsy turvy: Alert reader Kenny Rogers spotted the flag outside Kings Plaza flying upside down on Dec. 17 and snapped this picture.
Photo by Kenny Rogers

An alert reader spotted the American flag flying upside down outside Kings Plaza shopping center on Wednesday morning and snapped a picture.

“I was outraged,” said Kenny Rogers of Marine Park, who saw it while driving by with his daughter on their way out to Long Island to place holiday wreathes for departed relatives.

Rogers’s daughter called the mall’s management office to alert them to the situation, and sent us the photo.

Two of Rogers’s sons are in the Marine Corps, and one has served two tours in Afghanistan, so he flies an American flag outside his home — rightside up — every day. When he saw the star-spangled banner inverted outside Kings Plaza, it struck a nerve.

“It was disturbing for me to see that,” said Rogers

Rogers said he was worried that someone had maliciously upended Old Glory under cover of darkness, assuming the mall left the flag flying overnight, in violation of the Flag Code. But Kings Plaza management made it clear that the flag is duly taken down each evening, and the inversion wasn’t subversion, but rather an honest error.

“It was put up that way by mistake and we corrected it immediately when it was brought to our attention,” said Kings Plaza senior property manager Steve DeClara. “The guy who does it has been doing it for 20 years and this one time in 20 years he made a mistake.”

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