Flavor-dusting for prints: Teens stole Doritos from chip factory, police say

They were caught orange-handed.

Police arrested a pair of hungry teens who they say broke into the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory on Sept. 27 and stole several cases of Doritos and other chips.

The 14-year-old and 15-year-old busted into the potato-chip plant on Morgan Avenue at Ten Eyck Street at 7:45 pm and snuck into a storage room to get their hands onto a family-sized haul of the snacks, cops said.

The hungry youngsters must have thought they had arrived at Cooler Ranch itself when they made off with a case of nacho cheese Doritos, a case of Doritos Dinamita — it is unclear which variety — a case of Cheetos, a case of Lays, and a last case of Doritos, the flavor of which went unrecorded in a police report. But officers tracked the suspects down and charged them with felony burglary.

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