Slow sips and a lot of flavor: a new mezcal bar, Cafe Mez, opens in Bushwick

Mezcal bar Cafe Mez in Bushwick
“We’re huge fans of Mezcal and Tequila,” said Brooklyn Made Presents Counsel, Aaron Pierce. “In our opinion they’re more complex and more interesting than other spirits and they also make for the best cocktails and mixed drinks.”
Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Made Presents.

Thirsty Brooklynites looking for a buzz are in luck, as a new mezcal bar just opened in Brooklyn. 

Cafe Mez officially opened its doors on Sunday at 430 Troutman St. in Bushwick, and brings a classic Latinx flavor to the nabe — where 56.3% of its residents identify as Hispanic. 

The bar, developed by Brooklyn Made Presents, the independent promoter and venue operator, will feature a selection of 50 kinds of mezcals from across Mexico, about 40 different tequilas and cocktails.

“We were looking for diversity and quality,” said Aaron Pierce, Brooklyn Made Presents general counsel in an email. “We really took the project to heart and went on a deep dive into the history and locales for a wide spectrum of producers. We also went through a fairly elaborate set of tastings and trainings to get a feel for the nuances and intricacies of agave farming, selection, and then ultimately the production of these spirits. There are really fantastic and romantic stories behind the genesis of almost every producer.”

Mezcal cocktail
Many of the spices and fruits used for the drinks and food at Cafe Mez come from Mexico for an “incredible balances of both,” said Brooklyn Made presents Counsel, Aaron Pierce. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Made Presents.

About the ambience, “it’s sexy,” said Pierce.

“Dimly lit with vaulted ceilings — a great date spot.” 

The food menu will be made of Mexican-inspired dishes — tacos, quesadillas, guacamole and Mexican mac & cheese.

The new spot’s location is adjacent to the promoter’s live music venue, Brooklyn Made, at 430 Troutman St. and will operate from 5 p.m. until late into the night.

Moving forward, the bar will host different events, tastings and opportunities to connect with the programming at Brooklyn Made.

“We’re very ready to impress agave newbys and aficionados alike,” said Pierce. “For those who wish to geek out a bit and potentially learn something new, we’re serving top-shelf Mezcal flights with a free side of agave knowledge.