Flipping the slip script: Bushwick drag partiers prance, dance

Flipping the slip script: Bushwick drag partiers prance, dance
Blondie: Bebe Beretta strikes a pose.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

A whole royal court of drag kings and queens wigged out at the cross-dressing fest Bushwig last weekend in Bushwick.

The weekend-long to-do at Secret Robot Project brought out dozens of characters decked out in freaky finery. An organizer said the annual event takes on a life of its own every time.

“It’s always crazy and awesome to see everything just happen,” said Bushwig booster Simon Leahy, stage name Babes Trust. “When you are organizing something like this, there is a point where you have to just let it go and watch it take on its own form, which is really awesome to see happen.”

The festival jumped from one day to two this year, with several hours of performances, games, and revelry each day.

“We wanted to create a platform where all queer and drag performers can come and meet each other and show each other what they are doing,” Leahy said.

Bushwig harkens back to the edgier, less policed days of yore and that is what hooked many return fans, according to one attendee.

“It really brought back that feeling of non-regulation that certainly does not exist in Manhattan anymore,” Ernie Glam said. “You could do whatever you want. You did not have to worry about jumping on a table or breaking a chair. It was a break from the hyper-regulation you see everywhere else.”

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