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Foiled again?

A 14-year-old would-be bank robber was foiled by a cop who happened to be in the Atlantic Avenue branch when the pint-sized perp put his failed plan into action on July 5.

At around noon, the would-be robber entered the bank, which is at Fort Greene Place, and handed the teller a note indicating that a stickup had begun.

Officer William Donohue happened to be on the scene, however, and put the cuffs on the minor menace.

The dead-end kid refused to go quietly and struggled against both the cop and the teller, injuring both. At one point, he apparently resorted to biting, earning him the additional charge of assaulting an officer.


Was it the Hamburglar?

A purse belonging to an employee of a worldwide burger chain was stolen from an employees-only breakroom on July 5.

The 18-year-old employee told cops that she had left her bag at the start of her shift at the franchise, which is in the mall at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues. When she returned to the breakroom at 8:15 pm, it was empty.

The bag had contained $39 and numerous ID cards, including a learner’s permit.

Vanishing cash

There are plenty of places to hide big loads of cash — banks, safes, under mattresses — but a man learned on July 6 that the passenger seat of his car is not a good one.

A man learned that lesson the hard way, when a thief stole $4,000 that he had left on the passenger seat of his 2005 Infiniti. The man told police that he had parked the fancy wheels on Park Avenue between Hall and Ryerson streets at 8 am, and came back five hours later to find that one of the rear windows was broken.

Kiddie crime

A 12-year-old boy was mugged by a bully who stole his iPod as he walked home from Fort Greene Park on July 5.

The victim told cops that he was at the corner of North Portland Street and Myrtle Avenue at around 7 pm when a 14-year-old who had been following him shoved him to the ground, hit him, and made off with the popular digital music device.

Cleaned out

Thieves cleaned out a Grand Avenue construction site of nearly $20,000 in tools on July 4.

Employees discovered the heinous heist when they arrived the next morning at the worksite, which is near Park Avenue. Workers told cops that a gate had been cut open and a construction trailer had had its side ripped open.

Thieves made off with a laptop, a printer, a generator, several jackhammers and other items — $18,200 worth of equipment in all.

Bagel hole

A DeKalb Avenue bagel merchant discovered something not quite kosher when he arrived in time to make the bagels at 5 am on Independence Day.

The owner of the store, which is between Adelphi and Clermont avenues, discovered that thieves had stolen $750 from the cash register, which was lying on the floor.

Closer inspection revealed that the basement door had been bent and opened, and the back door was also damaged and unlocked.

The perps not only got away with the cash, but also took a $200 stereo.

Car trouble

It was a bad week for Ford Windstars, as one was stolen and another one was broken into.

In the first case, on July 4, a 34-year-old woman’s vehicle was stolen from the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Hall Street.

In the second case, the following day, another Windstar was broken into on Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street. These thieves didn’t steal the car, but made off with a Sony Playstation Portable and the car’s satellite navigation system, worth $300.

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