Football tackled on Lincoln Place

Not football

A violent creep tackled a man and snatched his cash on Lincoln Place on March 1.

The 62-year-old victim told cops that he was strolling near Sixth Avenue at 3 am when a 6-foot man threw him to the ground.

The jerk then took his brown leather wallet — which was filled with $100 — and left him with a gash on his forehead.

Bath needed

A knife-wielding thief tried to jack some soap from drug store on Fifth Avenue on March 6.

A Rite Aide worker told cops that a thief entered the shop near 10th Street at around 4:15 pm and put shaving cream and soap inside a bag.

The worker confronted the crook, but he pulled out a knife and ran away.

That’s when the worker chased him down, tackled him and held him until cops came. Officers said they found crack in the 33-year-old thief’s right front pocket.


A thug jacked some fancy electronics from a computer shop on Flatbush Avenue on March 6.

A witness told cops that a man smashed the front window of Computer Wiz 777, near Pacific Street, with a crow bar at around 4 pm. He snatched a laptop, six cellphones and an iPod, then ran away.

Gummy bandit

A crook with a sweet tooth stole some candy from a delivery guy on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 5.

The worker told cops that he double-parked his truck, near Union Street, at 12:25 am, then made a delivery. After he came back, he spotted a man inside his truck, stuffing packs of Marlboros and Newports into his pockets, along with Dove bars — and even a $4 gummy hamburger. The thief then jumped out of the truck and fled in a blue van.

Bloody money

A thief broke into an ATM on Ninth Street and stole thousands of bucks on March 3.

The 32-year-old victim told cops that cameras caught a man tampering with the machine, near Sixth Avenue, sometime after midnight. After the victim checked the machine, the next morning, he found $3,000 had been snatched — and that dried blood was smeared across it.

Chrysler crisis

A jerk broke into a car and stole a fancy wallet on Baltic Street on Feb. 28.

The 45-year-old victim told cops he parked his 2003 Chrysler near Third Avenue at 4 pm, but left one of his doors unlocked.

He came back two hours later and then discovered his $200 Louis Vuitton wallet, with a Chase bank card inside, missing.

— Natalie O’Neill