For Mayor, Tuesday’s snow was “The Perfect Storm”

What a difference a snowstorm makes!

Snowpocalypse II was as lame as most sequels, as the white stuff was plowed, streets were salted, and kids were in school — unlike the original that debuted Dec. 26, where poor planning led to a citywide debacle that made national news and prompted widespread changes in protocol.

According to the National Weather Service, Midwood was gently dusted with seven inches of snow, which, thanks to stepped-up city service, was plowed by early morning.

Trains and buses were running on normal schedules, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, whose fleet was rendered out of commission for days following the more popular original blizzard.

Residents said there were more plows on the road than snowflakes, and the trucks were rumbling along major arteries such as Kings Highway and Flatbush Avenue all night to make sure the snow couldn’t accumulate.

“It’s much better this time,” said East 27th Street resident Helen Rosen. “Last night I heard the plow go through twice on my street.”

That’s a far cry from last month’s blizzard, when Rosen’s block — and most of the borough — took days to plow, in a clean-up effort the mayor and his top officials admitted at City Council hearings this week was fraught with poor communication.

“There was very little done here,” Rosen recalled.

The botched clean-up led to the reorganization of Sanitation’s South Brooklyn command zone, as three districts — Crown Heights, Brownsville and East Flatbush — were shifted to its northern command.

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