Forget jurisprudence, let the evil bastard rot in hell

Res ipsa loquitur: the act speaks for itself.

We’re told that Levi Aron stood shirtless in his apartment with the door opened and calmly pointed to the kitchen when asked by police where missing 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky was.

The detectives entered the kitchen, the scene of the crime, locus delicti, witnessed the bloody handle on the refrigerator door, opened it, and discovered the partial remains of the missing child.

Res ipsa loquitur.

In accordance with police procedure, modus operandi and lex loci, the detectives advised Levi Aron of his rights, brought him to the police station, questioned him, and recorded his statement and confession. Levi Aron was arraigned and charged with the kidnapping and murder of Leiby Kletzky.

Even though Levi Aron confessed to the heinous crime, he still pled not guilty at his arraignment. He was remanded, held without bail, and ordered to undergo psychological evaluations by the judge, after his attorney alleged that he may have “mental illness.”

He may?

The papers will print Levi Aron’s story, there will be endless ink waisted on Levi Aron’s endless explanations and endless alibis. The attorneys will get fat on endless fees. The courts will spend endless time on pre-trial disclosure, voir dire (jury selection), and trial.

Attorneys for the defense and prosecution will spend countless hours arguing over endless points of minutiae, (useless information), and file endless appeals filled with empty legal jargon in Latin.

Leiby Kletzky is still dead — res ipsa loquitur.

Because we are a civilized, law-abiding society that adheres to the doctrine of jurisprudence, Levi Aron will languish, ad infinitum, (forever), in a prison or mental facility, at our expense, for the rest of his natural born days.

Because we are civilized, we will not put Levi Aron to death.

Because we are law-abiding, civilized beings, our legal system will allow Levi Aron the luxury of life, the quid pro quo, not afforded to Leiby Kletzky.

We are civilized, we believe in jurisprudence, we believe in the letter of the law.

We have all these doctrines and ideals, and yet innocent children like Leiby Kletzky are still taken from us, and the evil murderous bastards that kill them still live?

Not for Nuthin™, but the doctrine of permissum malum bastard putesco in abyssus (let the evil bastard rot in hell) is sounding better and better right now.

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