Forklift driver plows into pedestrian on 13th Avenue

Forklift driver plows into pedestrian on 13th Avenue
Photo by Steve Schnibbe

A forklift driver ran down an elderly woman crossing 13th Avenue near the corner of 60th Street on March 26, according to police.

Authorities report that the 73-year-old victim stepped into the thoroughfare mid-block shortly after 1:30 pm Wednesday — apparently unaware of the box-laden forklift barreling down the street in the wrong direction. The forklift driver collided with the senior, and police arrived on the scene moments later. The woman was taken to Lutheran Medical Center in stable condition.

Cops arrested the forklift driver and charged him with assault, reckless driving, driving an uninspected vehicle, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving the wrong way, driving with a suspended license, failure to exercise due care, and operating a forklift without proper certification.

“We got him on everything,” a police source said.

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