Fort Greene Park is a mugger’s paradise

Park perp

Park-roaming perps — in one case, a gang of 12! — mugged two people in Fort Greene Park on Sept. 14.

• In the first incident, a group of thugs beat a man and stole his phone and wallet near Myrtle Avenue. The battered victim told cops that he was between St. Edwards Street and N. Portland Avenue at 5:45 pm when he received a beat down from a band of 12 thieves. The perps punched and kicked the victim before making off with the loot.

• Just three hours later, a victim told cops that a man swiped his bag from a bench near Dekalb Avenue. Witnesses saw the thief snatch the bag and walk away, and alerted the victim, who ran after the perp. He managed to swipe back a few items before the bag burglar indicated he had a gun.

Basket case

Some jerk snatched a rider’s purse out of her bike basket on Vanderbilt Avenue on Sept. 19.

The victim told cops that she stopped at a red light on the corner of Vanderbilt and Lafayette avenues at about midnight when the perp ran up and made off with the purse containing an iPhone and cash.

Wallet woe

A group of thugs stole a man’s wallet on Myrtle Avenue on Sept. 18.

The victim told cops he was in front of a liquor store near Carlton Avenue at about 11:30 pm when four creeps approached him.

“Give me your money,” one said before punching him in the head and taking the wallet out of the man’s front pocket.

Boozed up burg

Some creep stole a woman’s purse inside a Lafayette Avenue bar on Sept 17.

The victim told cops she was inside Stonehome Wine Bar, near S. Portland Avenue, at 11:30 pm when she left her purse on a chair. Half an hour later, the purse, containing a cellphone, camera, and cash, was missing.

Rim job

A pack of perps stole a set of rims off of a 2010 Acura parked on Washington Avenue overnight on Sept. 17.

The victim said he left the car at 11:30 pm. When he returned at 7 am the next morning, his wheels were missing the $1,800 set of rims.

Target takeaway

Some jerk stole a wallet out of a woman’s purse at the crime-ridden Target department store and then went on a shopping spree on Sept. 18.

The victim told cops she was inside Target, which is in the Bruce Ratner-owned Atlantic Terminal Mall near the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, at 3:30 pm when the thief took her wallet.

Instead of fleeing, though, the perp went shopping at the Target and the PC Richards across the street.

Last-minute grab

A lightning-quick perp stole a phone right out of a woman’s hands in a subway station on Atlantic Avenue.

The victim said that she entered a Manhattan-bound Q train at the Atlantic Avenue station at about 11:30 pm and took out her Blackberry. The thief, who was standing on the platform, waited until the train was just about to leave and quickly snatched the phone through the closing doors before the helpless woman was whisked off to the next stop.

Thai take-out

Some creep took a woman’s purse, mid-meal, at a Fulton Street Thai restaurant on Sept. 18.

The victim told cops she was eating at National Thai near Lafayette Avenue at about 6 pm when the mealtime marauder slid the purse off the back of her chair.

Keyless entry

Some perp pinched a purse and wallet out of a car parked on S. Oxford Street on Sept. 16.

The victim told cops that she had left the car unlocked between Lafayette and Greene avenues at noon. When she returned 25 minutes later, the loot was gone.