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Four vehicles stolen in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Auto without leave

Four rides went missing this week in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, two motorcycles and two cars, cops said. Here are the details.

• Someone swiped a motorcycle parked on Adelphi Street sometime between May 9 and 15, law enforcement officials stated.

The owner told cops he left his ride between Park and Flushing avenues at 4 pm on May 9 and returned at 8 am on May 15 to find it vanished.

• The second chopper, chained to a telephone pole on Emerson Place, also went missing sometime between May 9 and 15, according to the authorities.

The victim said he left his bike between Myrtle and Park avenues at 11:30 pm on May 9, police said. The biker returned on May 15 at 3 pm to discover the 2006 Honda was gone.

• A thief rode off with a woman’s parked car on Washington Avenue sometime between the morning of May 10 and the next day.

The owner reported she parked her 1997 Lincoln Continental between Park and Myrtle avenues at 10 am and, when she came back at 4 pm on May 11, the car was gone.

An anti-social auto-phile filched a van from its Vanderbilt Avenue parking spot within a half hour of the owner leaving it on May 12 — and deserted it three days later, police stated.

The owner reported he parked his 2003 Ford E250 work van between Myrtle and Park avenues at 12:20 pm and walked into a store on Myrtle Avenue to repair the air conditioning. When he returned an hour later, it was gone, cops said.

The fellow found his ride three days later on Willoughby Avenue and Sandford Street, according to a police report. The ignition and doors had been damaged, the report says.

More car trouble

There were two car break-ins reported in the precinct this week.

• A cretin smashed the window of a parked car on N. Elliott Place sometime overnight on May 15, stealing a portable music player and the car’s navigation system, according to a report.

The victim said she left the vehicle near Flushing Avenue at 10:30 pm and returned the next day at 4 pm to find the rear passenger-side window smashed and the items disappeared.

• The next day a scalawag broke the window of a vehicle parked on Rockwell Place and stole a woman’s purse, police said.

The victim stated someone snagged a purse from her car near Lafayette Avenue and stole her pocketbook.

Group mug

Four tough guys beat up a 44-year-old on S. Oxford Street on May 12 and made off with $400 in cash, law enforcement officials said.

The victim reported he was walking near the corner of Atlantic Avenue at 12:30 am when the brutes started beating him. The quarrelsome quartet removed his cash, jumped in a Nissan Altima, and sped away and the victim was carted off to the hospital, a report states.

Chinese food take-down

A bandit robbed a Chinese-food delivery man as he tried to drop off his edible cargo in a Carlton Avenue apartment building on May 12, cops said.

The 24-year-old victim said he was bringing a delivery order to the apartment between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue at 5 pm when, in the lobby, the fiend came up to him and started punching him in the face, according to a police report.

The goon then grabbed the food, $20 in cash, and ran up the stairs into the building, the report says. Authorities took the victim to the hospital for treatment, officers said.

Pocket rocket

A gunman stuck up a fellow on Grand Avenue on May 12, police reported.

The 21-year-old victim said he was near Putnam Avenue at 10:20 pm when a pair of lowlifes ran up to him.

”Give me your phone,” one supposedly said.

The victim hesitated and one of the galoots pulled out a black handgun, according to a police report.

“What’s in your pockets?” the pistol-toting punk demanded, the document states.

The extortionist told his partner to search the shaken victim, the report says. The pair grabbed $280 in cash and a cellphone, then took off running on foot on Grand towards Gates Avenue, cops said.


A prickly shoplifter attacked a Myrtle Avenue store attendant when he tried to stop her from stealing a bottle of nail polish remover on May 14, law enforcement officials said.

The clerk was in the store between N. Portland Avenue and Saint Edwards Street at 5:33 pm when the sticky-fingered so-and-so entered and snatched the nail-care product, according to cops.

When she tried to leave without paying, the clerk attempted to stop her, but she punched him all over and scrammed, according to a report. The beauty product was priced at $1.09, the report says.

Bad company

Cops cuffed a 62-year-old man who they say attacked his roommate in their Carlton Avenue home on May 12.

The 51-year-old victim said he was in his room between Myrtle and Park avenues at 6:55 pm when he bumped into his cohabitant and the guy got angry and attacked the victim with a broom.


A 44-year-old man was arrested for allegedly chucking a log at another man on Steuben Street on May 14.

The 42-year-old victim told the authorities he and the accused were out on the street between Myrtle and Park avenues at 8:10 pm when the amateur lumberjack tossed the wood. The piece of timber missed but hit the victim’s bike, law enforcement officials reported.

Return to sender

Packages were pinched in two Clinton Hill buildings, police said.

• A sneak stole a shipment of law textbooks from Washington Avenue building lobby on May 11, according to the authorities.

The victim reported the burglar must have made his way into the building between Park and Myrtle avenues sometime after 3 but before 5 am.

• Two days later, a stealthy thief from a building on Classon Avenue on May 13, police stated.

The owner of the building between Myrtle and Willoughby avenues reported the packages stolen out of the vestibule at 4 am. The prowler made off with $500, police said.

Bad night’s sleep

A goon cut a sleeping man’s pocket to steal his wallet on a 4 train on May 17, cops reported.

The 46-year-old said he boarded the Brooklyn-bound train at Grand Central Station at 5 am. He told cops he was intoxicated and fell asleep shortly after boarding, and when he woke up the train had reached the end of the line at New Lots Avenue and turned around, according to a police report.

As he exited the train at Nevins Street, he discovered that his rear pocket had been cut and his wallet removed, the report says. The guy was out $350 cash, plus debit and credit cards, he said.

— Matthew Perlman

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