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Freak shows and Michelin stars: A look at Brooklyn’s roster of off-beat museums

“Let’s go to the circus this summer!”

This statement probably hasn’t been uttered very often since the 1940s. Going to a circus sideshow may seem odd in 2018, but this is one of many group outing ideas available when visiting Brooklyn. As one of the largest hubs for diverse culture in New York, Brooklyn is home to museums and centers you won’t find anywhere else in the states.

If you’re a tourist scouting the area for an interesting new way to spend your time in the city, look no further than the heart of Brooklyn, home to Coney Island, the Museum of Food and Drink, and the New York Transit Museum. Putting aside some time during your next trip to Brooklyn will be well worth it to visit these local gems.

Coordinating a group trip to hit each of these stops is easy with a private charter bus rental. Hop on a private charter bus or minibus with a group of friends and ride around Brooklyn to enjoy the food, culture, and history.

Circus fun at Coney Island

Coney Island USA is located right along the water in the eponymous Coney Island neighborhood in Brooklyn. Historically, the area is known for its beach, Boardwalk, and theme park rides at Luna Park. Coney Island USA consists of the Coney Island Museum, Sideshows by the Seashore, and the Shooting Gallery-Arts Annex, each functioning as exhibitions of a unique part of American popular culture.

The circus sideshows run most days throughout the summer months into fall, offering a continuous show from 1 pm to 7 pm. Clowns, snake charmers, contortionists, and sword swallowers are just a few of the performers taking the stage during the sideshows.

Be a foodie

Circuses might not be for everyone, but food is, right? The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) is an interactive space for teaching food-making processes, exploring the cultural background and history of different foods, as well as enhancing the public’s overall culinary appreciation.

The MOFAD Lab inside the museum offers exhibits with monthly rotating menu items available for visitor tastings and several educational (and delicious) program series like Dinners of the Past with Edible History. The museum functions at the intersection of food, culture, history, collaboration, and — most of all — creativity.

A blast from the past

The New York Transit Museum is another space perfect for visitors looking to get a new perspective on the history of New York’s metro area. New York is known for many things, but its efficient public transportation may be an often-forgotten piece of history. The museum is housed in an underground subway station, displaying various types of vintage subway cars and transit buses engineered throughout the city’s history. Rotating exhibitions are also on display for visitors interested in learning transportation’s role in history, including poetry, comics, and photography.

An ally in group transportation

If you’re planning a group trip into Brooklyn to explore any of these destinations and the surrounding area, renting a private charter bus is a reliable and safe option. Public transportation in New York is indeed some of the most efficient, but coordinating a large group arriving at the same time can be difficult to say the least.

Coney Island, MOFAD, and the Transit Museum are among many destinations good for school field trips or even private personal groups just looking to have fun while visiting Brooklyn. If you’re ready to explore charter options and take on Brooklyn, Ally Charter Bus has you covered. Call (917) 793–9048 to chat with an Ally representative about your travel options in Brooklyn.

Daniella Deloatch is a contributing writer at Ally Charter Bus.

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