Free yoga — by the pool

Yogis tired of forking over $20 a pop to practice their downward dogs at the gym can now contort their bodies for free at the Floating Pool Lady.

In an effort to promote the temporary recreational asset docked near the foot of Joralemon Street, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and a neighborhood gym are offering free yoga classes three times a week through Aug. 30.

The classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am, and Wednesdays at 7pm, at the beach alongside the Floating Pool Lady.

“Whatever your fitness level, or taste, we’ve got something for you at the floating pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach,” boasted Marianna Koval, the Conservancy’s president.

The beach, which has been open since July, is also hosting beach volleyball, sand soccer, and adult swim hours.

Judi Francis, president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund, a critic of the state’s plans for the waterfront development project, has been a frequent patron.

“I go almost every day to swim there,” she said. “The problem is that it floats away on Sept. 3, after a mere eight weeks, never to be seen in the park again.”

Francis asked:

“How is it that this, the most expensive park to create and maintain, still has no plan for a permanent pool or ice rink or indoor field facility?”

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a planned condominium, commercial and open space development stretching along the Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO waterfront.

Be that as it may, the Conservancy estimates that more than 45,000 have visited the beach in the four weeks it’s been open, many waiting more than an hour in line for the privilege of taking a dip.

For more information on pool and beach activities, call (718) 222-9742.