Freeze frame: polar bears take the plunge

Freeze frame: polar bears take the plunge

Who needs Hawaii?

Hardy Brooklynites donned their swimsuits and embrrr-aced 2010 by frolicking in the frigid waves off Coney Island %u2013 with smiles as wide as the sun.

Marine marvels from the Coney Island Polar Bears chilled alongside Mother Nature as they reveled in the annual daredevil dip into the Atlantic, off Brighton Sixth Street. The bold bunch, including several seniors, strutted their stuff on the shoreline before making the big splash, proving that %u2013 for thrill-seekers, at least %u2013 Old Father Time can be put on ice.

The Polar Bears are known for their amazing feats of endurance and skill in the world’s remote and formidable corners; among them, parachute dives, firewalks and other challenges the Arctic and Antarctic circles, the North and South poles, and Alaska.

To join the intrepid group, call 917-533-3568.