Fresh legs! Young teams upend veterans at McCarren Field

Mother’s Day Massacre! Milk Believe slays two top-tier teams
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Forget the rookie of the year — it’s the year of the rookies.

Brooklyn Kickball League’s newby teams slaughtered several veteran squads on Sunday at McCarren Park, proving that the borough’s game of summer is as unpredictable — and as exciting — as ever.

New squads including Bodega, #1 Dad, the Newtown Creeps, and the Perfect Strangers all recorded impressive wins over longtime kickball powers.

Bodega adjourned People’s Court, 4–2, and knocked out Bangarang in a 3–0 victory, as Perfect Strangers finished a perfect day against People’s Court, 3–2, and Booze on First, 5–1.

The Newtown Creeps cleaned up with two impressive 10–0 wins over Bruisers and Kickball Fever, while #1 Dad put the Pony Boys out of its misery with a gritty 1–0 final.

Top-ranked Milk Believe, a first-year team that has flooded the league with its offensive prowess, had the weekend off.

League Commissioner Kevin Dailey says the new clubs have kicked things off with a successful mix of veteran leadership and youthful energy.

“Anything can happen in this league and I’m rooting for it to not be predictable,” he said.

Teams such as Perfect Strangers are still getting to know each other — and the rest of the league.

“We’re discouraging friendships — we’re trying to be perfect, and strangers,” said infielder Steve “Stranger Danger” Bruno. “We’re just kicking the s— out of the ball.”

Venerable squads Salute Your Jorts and American Blood continued their undefeated early season campaigns with solid wins over respectable kicking clubs.

The Jorts sobered up Booze on First, 5–2, and then standardized the Mathletes in a close 2–1night game — throwing out what would have been the tying run in a play at the plate.

“They’re establishing themselves as a elite team and it’s good to see them go up a level,” said Dailey. “They’re able to beat fellow veteran teams, they tied the New Frontiersmen last week. They’re doing fine.”

The Blood solved the Mathletes, 5–1, and drained the New Frontiersmen, 3–2, in their nightcap, thanks to late-game heroics from infielders Lizzy “Fizzy” Martin and Adam “Adrock” Hildebrand.

“No one could get on kicking to Adrock at third — he’s an animal over there,” said Blood’s Peter “Nightlife” Anzelone. “And Lizzy holds down the middle of the infield and always finds a way to get on base.”

Expect to see the Blood battle the Jorts in a titanic contest in the coming weeks.

But other traditional titans are having a tough year.

The Mathletes’ failed chemistry cost them two games to Salute Your Jorts and American Blood, while the typically strong New Frontiersmen dropped a game to American Blood due to fielding errors after gutting the Bacon Bits, 11–1.

“We self-destructed on the field in the last inning,” said Frontiersman utility man Matt “Marquis De” Sadewitz. “Lots of fielding errors. They just got in our heads I think.”

Some new teams still have to work out their kinks — particularly the Bruisers, who gave up 15 runs on Sunday.

“The poor Bruisers,” said Dailey. “I don’t think they’ve scored a run yet this season. They could use a W.”

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