Fright ‘Night’! New theater company’s first show is a blood-filled slasher

This one could get messy.

A new theater troupe in Williamsburg is producing a show so gruesome, so violent, so bloody, that the audience should dress accordingly.

“We will be selling some ponchos to protect people’s clothes,” said Clarisse Behr, the co-founder of the new Jagged Night Theatre and lead in the show, “Dark Light,” a slasher story about a kidnapped child. “The killer will be walking around right behind the audience and in front of them, killing people a few feet from their faces.”


The sci-fi–inflected horror play is about Emily (Behr), whose little brother is stolen away by the psychopath at the circus. The plot involves an underground bunker, lots of darkness and mysterious discoveries about Emily’s past.

And there will be blood. Everywhere.

“I hope we hear some people screaming,” said Behr, who co-founded Jagged Night with a college friend, Matt Glaz, who wrote the script. “Horror is fantastic because it gets people out of themselves.”

The nine-member cast is rounded out by a particularly fear-averse 10-year-old actor playing the psychopath-kidnapped boy.

“As far as I know, he hasn’t had any nightmares,” said Behr.

That doesn’t mean you won’t.

“Dark Light” at Triskelion Arts [118 N. 11th St. near Berry Street in Williamsburg, (718) 599-3577], Oct. 21-23 and 26-31. For info, visit www.jaggednighttheatre.com.