Fry guy goes postal!

Over 30 million scared

An employee at a Nostrand Avenue McDonald’s frightened his manager on Aug. 13 when he started waving a gun around the restaurant — all because his boss wouldn’t give him his check.

The employee was arguing with the manager inside the eatery, which is between Avenues V and W, at 1:10 pm. When the 37-year-old manager wouldn’t relinquish the check, the employee pulled his gun and demanded it.

The thug ultimately fled without the check, harming no one.

iPod rob

A man tried to steal an iPod from another man on Bayview Avenue on Aug. 12, but didn’t get far.

The victim was nearing Neptune Avenue at 9:30 pm when the suspect stuck a hard object in the victim’s back and demanded his property.

The suspect ran off with the iPod, but he didn’t get far: cops caught up with him a short time later, charging him with robbery in the first degree.

Bad chain grab

A 35-year-old man manhandled a woman inside a W. 28th Street building in an attempt to steal her chain on Aug. 15, but was arrested a short time later.

The thief jumped his victim between Mermaid and Surf avenues at 9:37 pm, ripping the young woman’s shirt and chain during the robbery.

Kohl’s crook

An employee for a Bay Parkway Kohl’s was caught swiping more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from store shelves on Aug. 9.

The Ceasar’s Bay department store employee had taken several articles of clothing and perfumes at 10 pm before leaving for the night — and was arrested the next day.

Five on one

A cruel quintet jumped a 17-year-old on McDonald Avenue in Gravesend on Aug. 11, taking $100.

The victim was nearing Gravesend Neck Road at 11:15 pm when the thugs approached, demanding his property.

“You, run your pockets,” one of the thieves demanded as he produced a folding knife.

The fiends then attacked the 17-year-old, leaving him with a smattering of bruises.

Robbed on Burnett

A thug pulled a gun on a 33-year-old during an Aug. 12 mugging on Burnett Street.

The victim was between Avenue V and Whitney Avenue at 1:15 am, making his way home from work, when the suspect came out from behind a parked vehicle and demanded he empty his pockets.

The victim gave his house keys and $2 to the thief, who told him to “turn around and walk away.”

Bike swipe

Two teens attacked a 12-year-old boy inside an Avenue Y playground on Aug. 12, making off with his bicycle.

The victim was playing a game of hoops inside the park, which is near E. 18th Street, when the would-be thieves started arguing with him. That’s when one of the thieves punched the victim in the face, giving the other an opportunity to take the $130 two-wheeler.

Delivery devil

A thief broke into a delivery truck parked on Nostrand Avenue on Aug. 8, taking a 32-inch television.

The truck was left parked between Avenues X and Y at 4:30 pm. But when the truck driver returned a few minutes later, he noticed that his load was a little lighter.

It was unclear how the thief got inside the truck.

Sandman stealer

A thief broke into an E. 21st Street home on Aug. 13 — while his victim was inside, asleep in his bedroom.

The owner of the home, which is between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway, said that the thief crept in at about 5:37 am after forcing open the front window.

He swiped more than $2,000 in jewelry and cash and fled, but witnesses spotted him running down E. 21st Street.

— Thomas Tracy