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Gamer grabs console from shop

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Game on

A shoplifter fled an Avenue U electronic store with a pricey gaming system on Dec. 26.

Cops said the nogoodnik entered the store near Flatbush Avenue around 2:15 pm and exited several minutes later without paying for a video game console, according to the report.

Now you see it…

A sneak thief lifted a woman’s handbag at an Avenue U department store on Dec. 30.

Authorities said the victim was trying on footwear at the store near E. 54th Street around 4 pm, when she placed her handbag down unattended. When she tried to locate her bag, she could not find and it and told cops that someone took it. The bag contained her smartphone, a credit card, and an identification card, according to the report.

Wheel sweeper

Some pilferer cleared a car of its wheels on Bergen Avenue sometime overnight on Dec. 24.

The car’s owner told police that he parked his car near Ralph Avenue around 8 pm and returned to it the next morning at 10:15 am to find his four-wheeler with no tires.

Lock your doors

A thief stole a bag from a car parked in a Flatbush Avenue toy department store lot on Dec. 28.

The car’s owner told cops that she left her vehicle inside the parking space near the Belt Parkway around 6:30 pm and went inside to shop. After receiving a notification on her phone that her credit card was being used, she returned to her car to discover that the bag containing three credit cards and some cash was gone, according to police. Officers said she had left her vehicle unlocked.

Not so fast

Cops arrested a nogoodnik for allegedly stealing items from a car parked at a Ralph Avenue convenience store parking lot on Dec. 23.

The car’s owner told police that he left his car near Avenue M around 11:23 pm and he left it unlocked with the keys inside. According to the police report, when he returned to his car minutes later the keys, along with several identification cards and a debit card were missing. Officers say when the victim remained on scene for police, the suspect returned an hour later and was identified by a witness. Upon questioning, the suspect allegedly told police “I saw the car unlocked so I took the keys to give to the owner,” before he was apprehended.

Inside job

A heartless thief stole personal belongings from an E. 56th Street home on sometime between Dec. 13 and Dec. 19.

The homeowner told police that someone entered her bedroom and took two designer bags and some jewelry. Police say the victim suspects one or more of the three home care attendants who have access to her home, as the culprit.

Identity theft

A pilferer stole a wallet containing important documents from a woman at a Ralph Avenue medical clinic between Foster Avenue and Glenwood Road on Dec. 19.

A woman told cops that she was at the clinic around 7 pm and left her money pocket on seat inside the office. When she returned 15 minutes later, she discovered that her wallet, containing her permanent residence card, social security card, and other important identification items were missing, according to the report.

— Alexandra Simon

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