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Gang of four is nabbed

Starting young

Police arrested a gang of mostly underage criminals that had robbed two women at gunpoint on Carroll Street on Sept. 28

The quartet of troublemakers, aged 13–16, surrounded a 27- and 28-year-old at around 8 pm, and brandished a firearm, which they threatened to use if no one cooperated with their command for cash.

The ladies, who had planned to buy a pizza, gave the miscreants $14.

Police responded to a 911 call and quickly picked up a gang of teens. The two victims later identified them as the criminals who held them up between Clinton and Court streets.

Three were charged as juveniles, but the 16-year-old will enter the court as an adult.

Jewel thief

A burglar stole an assortment of jewelry from a President Street apartment on Sept. 28.

According to the 68-year-old resident, someone pried open her basement door in the backyard of the building, between Smith and Hoyt streets, from 10:15 pm to 11 pm.

The invaders allegedly took four necklaces and three pairs of silver earrings.


Three men were spotted stealing from a tow truck parked at an Atlantic Avenue gas station on Sept. 23.

A 24-year-old truck driver pulled into the station near Henry Street at 6:05 am and watched as the burglars fled the parked truck.

The three-piece crew sped off in a green van and, according to the victim, left with a tow chain, air bag, anti-theft rods, a jack and two battery packs.

Out to lunch

Two men mugged a man on his lunch break at the corner of Bond and Baltic streets on Sept. 22.

The ruffians sneaked up behind the victim who had been enjoying his midday break.

“Don’t turn around,” one said, then took $15 from the man’s pocket.

— Mike McLaughlin

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