Gang of thieves awakens sleeping motorist, steals his car, cash and credit cars

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Rude awakening

A pack of about six toughs approached a man sleeping inside his car on Bay 19th Street on Dec. 9, when they threatened him with a gun before stealing the man’s car and driving off with everything inside. The man was sleeping in his parked car between 86th Street and Benson Ave. at around 6 am, when half of the men flashed guns and demanded he hand over everything he had. The man then got out of the car and the perps searched him for property, then hopped into his car and drove off with the $80 cash inside plus debit and credit cards. The unhurt victim fled the scene, and police later recovered the car on Dyker Place at 84th Street.

Grabbed and gone

A perp stole a woman’s bag with $900 cash inside plus a credit and debit card from the lobby of a West First Street building on Dec. 5, cops said. The woman left her bag in the lobby of the building at 65th Street at around 2 pm and found the bag gone when she went to retrieve it.

Ruffian’s rouge

A lout stole more than $1,000 worth of makeup from an 86th Street store on Dec. 6. The man snagged the goods and shoved them into his jacket just before 11 am at the store between Bay 40th and 41st Street, according to the report.

Beaten for phone

A violent pack of thugs threatened a woman with a knife and demanded she hand over her cell phone on Bay 25th Street on Dec. 8

The robbery occurred at 10:30 pm between Benson and Bath avenues, when three men and one woman allegedly approached the woman and threw her to the ground, kicking her. One of the attackers then held a knife to the woman’s chest and demanded that she unlock her phone. The woman sustained small scratches to her face and bruising to her shoulder. The louts then fled on foot down Bay 25th Street towards Bath Avenue.

Grabbed bag and ran

A lout pushed a woman to the ground and stole her purse on 20th Drive on Dec. 9.

The woman was walking on 20th Avenue when the perp grabbed the bag — with her debit and credit cards inside — from her arm. The no-goodnik then fled on foot towards 20th Avenue.

Gone in a flash

A no-goodnik hopped into a man’s 2014 Nissan Maxima during the 30-seconds it sat on Rutherford Place unoccupied and running on Dec. 9 and drove off into the night. The victim parked the car between Bay 17th Street and 18th Avenue just before 8 pm and got out briefly, during which time the opportunistic thief jumped inside and sped away.

No pane relief

A miscreant stole $1,900 in cash from a man’s glove compartment in his car parked on 86th Street on Dec. 10. The man parked the car at 23rd Avenue at 2 am and returned to find one of his car’s windows popped out and the money gone.

—Julianne McShane

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