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Gay day: Brooklyn Public Library hosts event to teach kids about LGBTQ culture

Exploring gender: YouTube star Lindsay Amer of Queer Kids Stuff sings to kids at Brooklyn Public Library’s Genderful event on April 6.
Photo by Trey Pentecost

Youngsters between the ages of 6 and 12 gathered at Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch in Prospect Heights on Saturday to study queer culture and gender identity under the tutelage of a ukulele playing YouTube personality, in an event that proved just as eye opening for parents as it was for Kings County kids, according to one mom.

“I think it was more for me,” said Bay Ridge mom Rupsha Iqbal, who brought 8-year-old daughter Doria Sharif to the event. “We didn’t grow up with that lingo, but they have.”

The event, called Genderful, kicked off with educational stories and sing-a-longs about LGBT culture by uke player Lindasy Amar, host of the “Queer Kid Stuff” channel on the popular video-streaming site.

Afterwards, kids were set free to explore various gay-themed craft and event stations located in the book lender’s youth section, with attractions including free temporary tattoos featuring notable queer icons, the chance to make their own LGBTQ buttons and zines, and a station featuring fabric and used clothes that kids could use to make their own, unconventional outfits, according to a Chicago-based designer of LGBTQ clothes.

“I want kids to start to thinking about clothing in a different way,” said Sky Cubacub, founder of Rebirth Garments.

Brooklyn Public Library debuted Genderful in 2017, and has continued the event as a way for kids and parents to explore gender identity and queer culture, according to a library spokeswoman.

“Brooklyn Public Library aims to be a welcoming and affirming space for people all across the borough, representative of many different identities and experiences,” said Fritizi Bodenheimer.

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All together: From left, Amira Merrill, Rupsha Iqbal, and Doria Sharif with Sky Cubacub of Rebirth Garments and Milenka Bermanova.
Photo by Trey Pentecost

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