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Geezer robbed of $56K!

90th Precinct


Home invasion

Two thieves posing as police officers robbed an 80-year-old woman inside her Graham Avenue apartment on Oct. 14.

The perps knocked on the door at 7:10 pm and one stated, “We are the police, we need to talk to you about your son.”

But when the victim let them in, one perp displayed a semi-automatic pistol while the other tied her up and ordered her to open a safe.

She handed over $56,000, and the thugs fled down Manhattan Avenue.

Dye trying

A dumb thief stole $100 from a Chase Bank on Graham Avenue on Oct. 11 — but police nabbed the suspect when his shirt started smoking.

The thief entered the bank at 2:05 pm, then passed a note to the teller.

“I have a gun, give me $100s and $50 bills or I’ll kill someone,” the note said.

The teller gave up the cash — and put a dye pack in the bag for good measure — sending the thief fleeing toward Broadway.

The pack exploded, and an officer quickly arrested the alleged thief.

Phone relay

Two thieves stole a man’s phone on Graham Avenue on Oct. 16 — but police arrested their suspects.

The victim was near McKibbin Street at 9:40 pm when one perp approached him and tried to take the phone from his hand. The mobile device fell to the ground, but the second perp picked it up.

An hour later, police arrested the suspected thieves.

HVAC victim

A thief stole an air-conditioning unit from a Hope Street bar overnight on Oct. TK.

The owner left his business at 6 pm, but when he returned to the bar near Keap Street at 11:30 the next morning, he saw the unit was missing.

Some crazy shirt

A thief stole $222 worth of merchandise from a Havemeyer Street sportswear store on Oct. 11.

The store manager told police that the perp entered the store near S. Third Street at 11:30 am and shoplifted 30 shirts, 16 belts, and five bras, before running away.

Zebra striped

A thief stole a black and white bike locked up to a post at Union Avenue on Oct. 16.

The cyclist said that she had parked her $1,300 bike near Metropolitan Avenue at 10:20 pm, but it was gone an hour later.


A thief attempted to steal a car’s navigational device on Oct. 14, but police say they caught him in the act.

An officer said that he arrested the suspect after watching him inside the car near the corner of Broadway and Havemeyer Street at 3 am.

Road rage

At least three cars were swiped last week:

• A Jeep was taken from S. Third Street near Driggs Avenue between Oct. 12 and Oct. 15.

• A stylish thief stole a BMW on Grand Street near Bedford Avenue overnight on Oct. 13.

• A thief stole a Honda on S. Fourth Street near Hooper Street between 2 and 11 am on Oct. 15.


A thief stole a computer from a Toyota on Kent Avenue on Oct. 13.

The driver parked near S. Second Street at 10 am, but when he returned three hours later, he noticed that the passenger-side window had been shattered and his computer was gone.

— Aaron Short

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