Geezer squeezer

Tie up

A thief broke into a 97-year-old woman’s S. First Street apartment on Oct. 27 and tied her hands together, stealing her property.

The thief pushed his way into the apartment near Havemeyer Street at 5:20 pm as its elderly tenant tried to open the door. He pushed the woman onto the floor and tied her up while he robbed her.

Throat grab

A thug choked and robbed his victim inside her own Maujer Street building on Oct. 25.

The victim entered her building at 2:45 am, and was quickly approached by a perp who put his hands around her neck.

He threw her to the ground and grabbed $200 from her purse, before fleeing on Lorimer Street.

iPhone grab

A perp pushed his victim to the ground and stripped her iPhone from her hand on Bushwick Avenue on Oct. 25.

The perp approached his victim near Seigel Street and knocked her back at 3:30 pm, taking her phone before running away — but he was arrested by police only a few hours later.

Macbook burg

A perp broke into a Metropolitan Avenue apartment on Oct. 25 and stole a computer

The tenant left her apartment near Olive Street at 3:30 pm to go to work. When she came back at 11 pm, she found the fan in her window was removed and her computer was missing.

Nail salon

A thief broke into a Moore Street nail salon overnight on Oct. 25 and stole everything that wasn’t nailed down.

The salon’s owner locked up her building near Graham Avenue at 7 pm and returned at 9 am the next day to find that $3,985 worth of tools, including a $2,500 TV, had been stolen.

Honda taken

A thief stole a Honda from Marcy Avenue on Oct. 26.

The owner told cops that she parked near S. Fifth Street at 9:55 am and returned nine hours later to find her car missing.

Group rifling

Three perps trapped a man against a bench on Devoe Street and grabbed his wallet and phone on Oct. 26.

One perp grabbed the victim’s back and pushed him toward a bench at 10 pm, saying, “Give me your money.” Two more men rifled his pockets, taking $400 and his phone, before fleeing down Graham Avenue.

No marcy!

A violent thug robbed his victim of his iPhone on the J-train at Marcy Avenue on Oct 27.

The thief approached his victim on the train at 1:25 pm and snatched away his phone. When the victim grabbed the perp’s arm to retrieve it, the thug flashed a knife and said, “You want me to stab you?” before getting off the train at the stop and running down Broadway.

Lorimer break

A thief broke into a Lorimer Street apartment on Oct. 27 and stole a computer and a TV.

The tenants left their apartment at 1:30 pm, but when they returned three hours later, they found that their stuff was missing.

Hope less

A thief broke into a Hope Street apartment and took a computer, cash and camera.

The tenant left the apartment near Keap Street at 9 pm, but came back two hours later and found the rear balcony door open and his stuff missing.

GM break

A perp broke into a car parked on Broadway and Bedford Avenue on Oct. 28 and took $300 and jewelry stored inside.

The driver parked her car at 11:45 am, but returned 15 minutes later to find her car broken into and her money gone.

Morgan robbery

Two perps choked their victim on McKibbin Street and stole her phone as she was walking to the Morgan Avenue subway on Oct. 28.

The two men approached their victim at 10:05 am when one grabbed her by her neck, stating, “Give me your phone.”

The other perp went through her pockets and stole her wallet, before they both fled down White Street.

Custom bike

A bicycle thief clipped the lock off a $5,500 custom-made bicycle parked at Union Avenue on Oct. 28 while its owner was at a bar.

The cyclist dropped her bike off at a rack near Ainslie Street at 10 pm. When she returned two hours later, she found that the lock had been broken and her bicycle had been gershed.

Teenage robbery

Two perps punched their victim in his eye on Wythe Avenue and stole his iPhone and headset from his jacket as he was listening to it on Oct. 30

The perps approached their victim from behind at 2:45 am, and began punching him in the face. The man fell to the ground dropped his phone and iPod — and one thief grabbed them before fleeing down S. Second Street.

Toyota taken

A thief stole a woman’s brand new Toyota from Broadway on Oct. 28.

The driver left her car at 9 pm, but returned to the spot near Lorimer Street 12 hours later, and found it missing.

Boutique robbery

A robber stole a computer from a Grand Street clothing store on Oct. 31 — as the store’s terrified owner watched.

The thief walked into the store near Bedford Avenue at around 2:40 pm, simulated having a weapon and asked, “Do you have the time?”

The store’s owner froze, giving the thief just enough time to grab the red laptop and flee.

Basement burg

A thief broke into a basement apartment on S. Third Street overnight on Oct. 30 and stole a laptop and video game player.

The tenant left his apartment near Havemeyer Street at 10:30 pm, but when he returned at 5:40 am the next morning, he found the rear door open and his stuff stolen.