Gerritsen Beachers cheer renovation plan

The city will be spending big on a multi-year effort to renovate the roads of Gerritsen Beach (“City to spend millions on ‘very intense’ Gerritsen Beach reconstruction,” by Aidan Graham, online May 1).

Slated to be completed in the summer of 2022, the $6.6 million project will fix the streets that have deteriorated in recent years, according to one local civic leader.

The project, which will begin in the coming months, will focus on retrofitting the infrastructure around the area to better deal with storms and flooding, according to a rep with the Department of Design and Construction.

Readers gave their opinions online:

I hope they do a good job, because Build it Back was horrendous and ended up destroying people’s property instead of repairing it.

Jack from Gerritsen Beach

Very glad the city is fixing our roads. Not happy about the map if the orange represents the only repairs. Every single street here needs repair.

Potholes, sinkholes, and flooding are everywhere. Give us a freakin’ break.

Btw, the re-routing of traffic and installations of barriers along Gerritsen Avenue is nightmarish. Fix our streets, then leave us alone!!

NA from Gerritsen Beach

This is a neighborhood worth repairing and maintaining. The waterfront properties are unique and should be maintained.. don’t let the canal disappear.

Janet LaFragola. (Rubenstein) from Gerritsen Beach

Looming toll

Drivers will soon pay tolls in both directions on the Verrazzano–Narrows Bridge, if a group of local politicians has its way (“More fare: Local pols push for two-way Verrazzano toll,” by Aidan Graham, online April 29).

Federal legislation introduced by three Kings County lawmakers would cut commuter fares in half, to be paid in both directions on the bridge.

Currently, drivers fork over $19 on each trip from Brooklyn to Staten Island, or $12.24 for travelers using the E-ZPass system, whereas drivers can enter Brooklyn from the island borough free of charge. The current system allows out-of-state commuters to use the bridge as a cheap entry to the City, said one rep.

Readers share their two cents about the toll online:

This would be good news for people that use the Holland Tunnel and bad news for those that use the VZB to Staten Island, as the change in tolling will lead to most trucks going back to using the bridge.Commenter from Bay Ridge

It’s going to happen anyway because of congestion pricing, but sooner is better…Sid from Boerum Hill

This change requires Congressional approval, since fellow congressman Max Rose is taking this very seriously for his own constituents in his own district.

Make it two way and cut the tolls in half in each way, with rebates to boot for transit starved residents. And more bridge shopping, to boot. It’s more common sense to me.The Hunkster from Bed-Stuy

PA crooks have no right to take our money before we use their “services”. Suppose we come back to NYC another way than a PA way, or not at all! And even for when we do come back, think of all that cash they are sitting on, “interest free”, that they’d be otherwise be waiting for hours, days, weeks, or months later when we return.

Besides, I so look forward to the day I leave this NYC government misery and never return. NYC life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

PA crooks from NYC

This is a ploy to transfer revenue from the Port Authority to the MTA. If any trucks from NJ stop using the Verrazzano Bridge, they will quickly be replaced by cars from NJ. There will be no traffic improvements, except an even slower ride into Manhattan and Brooklyn.Merlino Fabro

from Dyker Heights

A better idea would be to just eliminate the toll on the VNB altogether so that everyone will win on that. Why is Staten Island the only place where you need to pay a toll just to leave?

I can see why they are the biggest opponents to congestion pricing, considering that they are the only borough that has barely any good transit options.

As a matter of fact, I think all the tolls around NYC should be removed, especially if the bonds used for building them were paid off long ago.

Another thing is that we should do a better audit on the MTA to see where their existing revenues are going to before even thinking about something like congestion pricing so that they won’t need to do such constant hikes.

More importantly, I’m tired of us motorists always having to be the cash cow to help fund almost everything especially when it involves a transit system we can barely use ourselves and have to resort to driving due to having such schedules.Tal Barzilai

from Pleasantville, NY

Democratic politicians are now happily pushing for two-way tolling on the Verrazano Bridge. As they smile behind the podium saying it will bring “fairness,” they are doing this for a sinister, ulterior motive.

Tolls now have approached the dreaded $20 mark. Anyone watching TV adverts, shilling wares for the amazing price of $19.95, there is a purpose for this. Psychologists have proven that people are turned off when prices bypass that $20 mark.

Now, with two-way tolling, the price magically is lowered to a $9.50 level. BUT, now they are free to start raising tolls each way.

As the tolls go up once again to a new level, they expect that people will be blind to the fact that instead of paying $19 for one way, two-way tolls seem cheaper.

Theoretically, full tolls can go back to the magic 19+-dollar level each way for a total toll of almost 40 dollars!

Ca-ching, ca-ching!

Robert W. Lobenstein

Sheepshead Bay

Too many problems

Bike lanes on Ninth Street going from the Prospect Park to Fourth Avenue is ridiculous. Trucks double park now and car drivers have to wait to cross over to other side. Bikers aren’t using the lanes, they are still riding in the streets alongside the cars. Ridiculous!!! And when deBlalsio goes to the gym at the Y on Ninth Street, his SUVs are either double parked or illegally parked. WTF?

Bikers should get plates on their bikes and be a liability, and car drivers have to drive safely on roads!!! Fix the problem, but here is one original Brooklynite who has officially moved out of Brooklyn because I am not paying one more tax dollar for stupidity and illogical non common sense infrastructures!!!

Brooklyn is not the same, and it is feeling like the ’70s and early ’80s: dirty, not safe, with drugs and homelessness!!!! Let us not forget the dog urine and dog feces people who allow their dogs to do it right in the middle of sidewalks as you walk by. Totally disgusting!!!!Maria Polo

Park Slope

Pony Express

What is going on with the mail in Brooklyn? I live in zip code area 11235, and mailed a holiday greeting card to a friend who resides in the same zip code area. The card arrived at its destination five days later. I also mailed a card to zip code area 11210 and the card arrived 11 days later.

For the money we pay, we expect a better, more competent system.

Have you visited the local post office on 18th Street and Sheepshead Bay? People place their mail in the box provided, but those working at the post office take their sweet time in emptying the box.

As a result, mail in the box is overflowing, and you can be rest assured that some mail falls out and goes lost.

When you say something to those at the Post Office, they look at you with complete disdain. Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

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