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Get a green clean with ecomaids

An EcoMaids home cleaning worker wipes down a chandelier with a special microfiber cloths
Courtesy EcoMaids New-York

When you’re cleaning your home — mopping the floors, scrubbing sinks and the tub, dusting furniture — does it ever occur to you that you could actually be making it dirtier?

Well, it does to the folks at ecomaids, a premium home cleaning service that set up its first New York office in early 2017 on Bridge Street in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, which is fast becoming a local launch point for businesses new to the city.

ecomaids will not just get your home clean, but will give it a “green” clean, says owner Ilana Sable.

“Cleaning your home shouldn’t dirty the environment,” Sable explained. “Our cleaning products and methods are perfected to make your home spotless while being safe for your family, pets and the environment. We don’t use bleach, paper towels, or any substances that tend to irritate the skin, cause allergies, and stay in the garbage dump forever. All our products are either reusable — like microfiber cloths and mop pads — or are biodegradable — like earthstone and cleaning liquids made from natural compounds.”

One ingredient ecomaids will never use, Sable said, is bleach, and with good reason.

“Bleach is a very, very, corrosive chemical, and one of the reasons it is so widely used (by cleaning services) is because its so powerful. But bleach “doesn’t discriminate” between what it does to tough dirt, and what does to the much-more-sensitive skin of humans or animals.

“You’ll also see it in the reaction of your pets when they walk across floors that have just been cleaned with a corrosive chemical,” Sable added. “We at ecomaids believe that using harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your home or apartment is a lot like using buckshot to kill a fly. We don’t believe that’s necessary. ecomaids uses products that aren’t corrosive, but are just as effective.”

An EcoMaids worker uses an environmentally-friendly fluid to clean a bathroom
Courtesy EcoMaids New-York

She said her company backs up its green clean claims by exclusively using cleaning fluids and apparatus produced by manufacturers that are Green Seal certified.

Sable says that what further sets ecomaids apart from competitors are the tools its workers use to get a home or apartment clean.

“All of our cleaning tools are designed to ensure that no cleaning job around the house is difficult,” she said. “Our tools go from the baseboard to the top of the (ceiling) fans; no ladders, no chairs, nothing like that.”

She noted that unlike some cleaning companies, ecomaids does not require a client to provide the brooms, mops, buckets and cloths needed to get the job done. “The client is not expected to provide anything for our cleaning teams,” Sable said. “We bring our own, adjustable mops. We have our own color-coded microfiber cloths, and we work off of a 64-point cleaning checklist to ensure that every household cleaning job is done efficiently. We try to work smarter, not harder. Good cleaning is not difficult, it’s a matter of using the right tools and the right methods to get the job done.”

Currently, ecomaids of New York services an area that covers northwest Brooklyn, north and west of Prospect Park, and Lower Manhattan, south of 14th Street.

Would-be clients can contact the company’s website — www.ecomaids.com/new-york — to get a free estimate and arrange a home-cleaning appointment.

“We’ll pick up a key from you, or you’ll just let us when we come,” Sable said. “Whatever works for you!”

These are some of the Green Seal certified, eco-friendly cleaning fluids used by EcoMaids
Courtesy EcoMaids New-York

She conceded that the ecomaids way of getting a cleaning job done — using only Green Seal certified products, providing all the cleaning tools needed, and paying for everything needed by the cleaning staff — including training, transportation between cleaning jobs, uniforms, supplies and equipment — makes her company’s services more expensive than competitors’.

But Sable is quick to add that “ecomaids competes not on price, but on the quality of its service and the uniqueness of what it offers. You opt for the service not to trim your budget, but to get something of very high quality that you won’t get anywhere else.”

ecomaids of New York

Address: 18 Bridge St., between Plymouth and John sts., #3G, in Dumbo

(646) 600–6243

Website: www.ecomaids.com/new-york

Open: Mon-Sat, 8 am-6 pm

An EcoMaids worker polishes furniture in a client’s home using special microfiber cloths
Courtesy EcoMaids New-York

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