Gets out of jail and goes back in — in the same day!

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens

Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Repeat offender

A thug who had just gotten out of prison got himself sent back up the river for breaking into a car the very next day.

Cops said they saw the perp busting open the window of a car that had been parked near the corner of Union and Hicks streets at around 1 pm on April 24. Officer Ken Cunningham quickly nabbed the perp — whose prior record indicated that he had only been released from jail on another burglary charge the night before.

Batter up

A man pummeled another man with a baseball bat on Hamilton Avenue on April 23, but didn’t get too many swings in before he was arrested.

Cops said they witnessed the 49-year-old using the baseball bat in an unorthodox manner against his 52-year-old victim near the McDonald’s at Smith Street at around 9:25 am.

Officer Ilya Dimantov made the arrest.

Crash course

A drunk driver barreled into a front yard on Columbia Street on April 23 and was arrested after a desperate run to evade cops.

Police said that a witness saw the driver smash his Nissan into a fence near Baltic Street at around 11:30 pm — and then get into an argument with the homeowner over who was going to pay for the damage.

As police cruisers arrived, the wobbly 21-year-old took off running, but was quickly caught by the sober officers.

He stunk of cheap booze, but refused to take a field sobriety test. He later admitted to downing two shots earlier in the night, cops said.

Wrong aid

Say one thing about this thug: He’s into personal hygiene.

Cops arrested a man for swiping 12 bottles of Dove bodywash from the Rite Aid drugstore on Smith Street on April 24.

Acting on an employee tip, Officer Timothy Wolsko made the arrest at around 10:50 am, while the clean-minded thief was still in the store, which is near President Street.

Tough girl

A 15-year-old girl brutalized a school safety officer inside Cobble Hill HS on Baltic Street on April 26.

Cops say that the teenager at the school, which is between Smith and Hoyt streets, grabbed the quasi-cop by the hair and struck her repeatedly with a closed fist, sending her to Long Island College Hospital and herself to jail.

Sour time

A thug broke into the Sweet Melissa bake shop on Court Street late on April 29, grabbing the cash register, but he fled before he could get it open.

Cops say that the thief entered through the basement of the beloved patisserie near Butler Street at around 11:45 pm, and grabbed the register. But before he could open it, he was spooked by the approach of an employee.

Nonetheless, the would-be thief was arrested the next morning near Douglass and Bond streets by Officer Victor Genao.

School dazed

Nearly $2,000 was stolen from a filing cabinet inside a Henry Street school on April 29.

A teacher at PS 146 told cops that someone broke into the locked cabinet in the school near Hamilton Avenue at around 3:15 pm and took $1,900 from a pouch. The crime was all captured on camera, but the thief has not been caught in real life.

Big burg

A thief got away with $4,000 and two laptops from a Henry Street apartment during the day on April 29.

The 31-year-old resident of the unit, which is between Fourth Place and Luquer Street, told cops that she was not home between 9 am and 6:30 pm, when she returned to find the missing property.


A thief took credit cards out of a bargoer’s bag at the Columbia Street joint Moonshine on April 26, cops said.

The 24-year-old victim told police that she was at the bar, which is at Hamilton Avenue, at around 2 am. When she tried to pay for a drink, she noticed that her bag had been pilfered.

F’ed up

A thief swiped the bag from the shoulder of a woman on W. Ninth Street on April 27.

The 41-year-old victim told cops that she had just gotten off the F train at Smith Street at around 9:40 pm and was walking home when a perp sneaked up from behind and took the bag.

She lost $550 and various cards.

— Gersh Kuntzman

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