Getting saved today? This heathen wants your apartment (if it’s nice, of course)

Getting saved today? This heathen wants your apartment (if it’s nice, of course)
Photo by Tom Callan

For some, today is Judgment Day. For others, it’s a chance to score some primo real estate.

The doomsday forecast — which predicts that true believers will ascend to heaven at around 6 pm on Saturday — has prompted hand-wringing, prayers, “End of Days” parties and plenty of snarky T-shirts.

But one man thinks it’s time for the faithful — and the faithless — to cash in.

“If you’re someone who will be saved — and you live in a higher end apartment in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn — I’d be interested in subletting,” a Craigslist poster wrote under the headline, “$200 Rapture Deal Wanted.”

Of course, if this Revelation real estate deal is going to work, it better be fair: “Please, no studios,” the post concluded.

Its creator, Nate Katz, declined further comment, telling us, “Long live earth as is.”

The world’s end — which was predicted by Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping — isn’t a joke to some Brooklynites, who have been waving signs, passing out fliers and even hanging subway ads for weeks, warning about a massive “global earth quake.”

According to Camping, who has funded dozens of “Judgment Day” billboards, Jesus Christ will sweep up “about 200 million people” before the earth’s total destruction.

But Brooklynites — at least the snarky online set — aren’t running to repent.

Witness, for example, a sample of Craigslist ads from the past week:

• “Planning to leave earth and float on up to heaven?” one man writes. “Well now’s your chance to donate all of your things to me!”

• “Jewelry wanted before May 21 rapture.”

• “Get ready for the day after The End of the World with an ‘I Survived the End of the World’ T-Shirt! Order online here.