‘Girls’ filming in Sheepshead Bay on Monday and Tuesday

‘Girls’ filming in Sheepshead Bay on Monday and Tuesday
Associated Press / Evan Agostini

Sheepshead Bay is ready for its close-up.

Television’s “Girls” — a show about disaffected hipsters living in Greenpoint — is filming in Sheepshead Bay on June 6 and 7, and locals seem excited about the prospect of their sleepy fishing town getting more attention in the media.

The cameo could help draw a hipper crowd to the Bay and even rocket it past Staten Island — home to television’s “Mob Wives” — in the popular imagination, one resident said.

“Everybody knows Staten Island. It seems like nobody really knows Sheepshead Bay. They only know it for the boating,” said 15-year resident Jo Ann Catalano. “We need more of a hip community. We need more creative people.”

Sheepshead Bay lures tourists with fishing expeditions and party boats, but most of the 10 people this paper spoke with — none of whom had seen the Home Box Office show entering its sixth season in 2017 — said a little more time in the limelight for something else could be good for the ’hood, another said.

Some girls just want to have fun: Sheepshead Bay residents and workers appreciate the signs warning them of the filming of “Girls” that will take place on June 6 and 7, even if they haven’t ever seen the show.
Community News Group / Tatiana Hernandez

“I find it pretty positive that they’re filming here, even though I don’t watch it. As long as we get more popularity, I think it’s fine,” said Brooklyn College student Monica Wong.

Crews will set up near the Comfort Inn on Emmons Avenue, according to blog Sheepshead Bites and signs posted around the area warning residents to move their cars on filming days.

And another local was happy his nabe was getting attention but wasn’t excited about the prospect of ceding parking spaces to film trailers and craft-service trucks.

“There’s nowhere to park here to begin with,” said resident Terry Addison. “It’s a nice compliment that they want to use the neighborhood, but there’s nowhere to park, and they’re taking away all of these parking spaces for the better part of two days. Not good.”

Anyone with issues during the filming can call the location department at (718) 906–2274.

Let’s hear it for the girls: Sheepshead Bay resident Jo Ann Catalano thinks the filming could bringing millennials to the town, which she said is split between upper class and working people.
Community News Group / Tatiana Hernandez