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Glenn Mohr Chorale

The Glenn Mohr Chorale, the talented and versatile vocal ensemble, presents performances of the original musical production: “Memorare: Mary Remembers” at 4 p.m., October 5 at St. Thomas Aquinas 249 Ninth Street in Brooklyn (718-768-9471) and 7 p.m., October 19 at Our Lady of the Snows, 258-15 80th Avenue in the Floral Park section of Queens (718-347-6070).

“Memorare: Mary Remembers,” written and produced by Glenn Mohr in collaboration with Frances McNamara, presents an intimate, spiritual encounter with Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she reflects on her personal life’s journey. We meet Mary in her twilight years, when she is approached by Luke, who makes a request to paint her portrait.

Undimmed by the passage of time, Mary’s memory of the events of her life is shared by her in the quiet interlude during which Luke captures her inner beauty and peace on canvas. We hear her story as she recalls her experiences from the visit by Gabriel, the journeys to Bethlehem and Egypt with Joseph at her side, the early years with her son, and finally the drama of his final days. She shares her joys and sorrows all the while reflecting on her part in this great mystery.

The combined talents of Mohr and McNamara culminate in a skillful blending of music, drama and scripture, making this presentation a memorable experience for audiences of all backgrounds. The ensemble troupe of talented actors and the Chorale members translate Mary’s communications with a blend of power and sensitivity that opens the doorway to her innermost feelings.

Goodwill offerings are requested.

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