Un-baaa-lievable: Good Samaritan delivers goat found on side of Queens highway to Brooklyn’s 63rd Precinct

Capricorn, formerly Billy the Goat, was rescued by a good Samaritan who found him on the side of a Queens highway.

A good Samaritan brought the 63rd Precinct an un-baaa-lievable delivery on March 1 — a baby goat they found on the side of the highway in a neighboring borough.

The kid was discovered Monday by a motorist in Queens, who then rode with the rescue to Brooklyn’s 63rd Precinct, said Police Department Spokesperson Detective Sophia Mason.

Police officers from the Marine Park stationhouse brought the goat to Animal Rescue and Control later that day — but not before a brief photo shoot with the kid they named Billy the Goat. 

While it remains unclear just where the hitchhiking goat came from, it seems he will have a happily ever after. According to a post shared by the 63rd Precinct’s Twitter account, Billy — who know goes by Capricorn — is adjusting well to his new home at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey.

Officers said they were happy to hear the little guy is in a good place.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue did not immediately return requests for further comment.