‘Golden’ rule on Green Church

Tales from the crypts at Green Church
Work continues to prepare the historic Green Church for demolition. This week, state Sen. Marty Golden said he would not intervene.

Preservationists intent on saving Fourth Avenue’s so-called “Green Church” were praying for help from state Sen. Marty Golden — but even after they showed him 1,179 signatures in support of rescuing the 109-year-old house of worship, they couldn’t convert the influential politician.

Opponents of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church’s plan to demolish its decaying edifice to build condos hoped that the signatures would convince Golden (R–Bay Ridge) to use his clout to try to find a new developer interested in saving the historic green-hued granite structure.

“A couple of months ago, he told us he hadn’t heard much from the community [about the Green Church],” said Victoria Hofmo of the Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church. “That’s why we did the petition.”

But Golden won’t join the preservationist choir.

“The signatures are very nice, but they’re not going to pay for [the estimated $3 million of repairs],” said Golden spokesman John Quaglione.

“Looking at the financials, saving the building just isn’t possible,” he added.

Not surprisingly, Hofmo wasn’t happy.

“It’s disappointing,” she said. “If this church comes down, it will have a huge effect on the community — architecturally, socially and spiritually. There are other alternatives.”

Last month, preservationists won some time to continue their fight after the Department of Buildings disapproved a proposed seven-story, 72-unit residential building, a smaller church, and a 42-car parking lot at the corner of Ovington Avenue.

New plans have not yet been filed.

Nonetheless, workers continue to prepare the verdant house of worship for its demise, stripping the church of asbestos, an Aug. 13 filing revealed.

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