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Golden under the gun — Brooklyn Republicans blast GOP pol for assault rifle vote

State Sen. Marty Golden was elected to a sixth term on Tuesday.
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Brooklyn Republican leaders are up in arms over state Sen. Marty Golden’s support for New York’s tough new gun law.

Golden (R–Bay Ridge) voted for what some consider the nation’s most restrictive gun law on Jan. 14, requiring background checks for assault rifle sales and limiting ammunition magazines at seven rounds — a decision that triggered a blast of criticism from members of the five-term official’s political base who claim Golden is putting helpless New Yorkers in the crosshairs of violent psychopaths.

“I wanted to convey my club members’ disgust with your vote on Gov. Cuomo’s gun control bill,” Brooklyn Young Republican Club president Glenn Nocera wrote in an open letter to Golden, arguing that the bill will increase the chances of future bloodshed. “A criminal will always find a way to create carnage wherever or whenever he wants. Especially if there is no one with a gun to stop him.”

Nocera isn’t the only youthful GOPer lining up against the bill.

Russ Gallo, the leader of the rival Brooklyn Young Republicans club, said toughening gun laws will put borough residents at risk.

“New York is once again on the wrong side of another national issue,” said Gallo, a New York City transit cop and an Iraq War veteran. “The gun law that was passed will do nothing to protect anyone except criminals that are intent on invading homes and can now do so knowing that that any law-abiding citizen living there is likely to be unarmed and/or have seven or fewer bullets in any guns they may have.”

Golden declined to comment on the criticisms, but said on the night of the vote that the new rules will save lives.

“The people of New York are safer because of the sensible and comprehensive public safety bill approved,” said Golden. “This legislation is truly an accomplishment we can be proud of, and that will go a long way to making our streets, our schools, and communities safer for us all.”

The new regulations passed the State Senate and blew through the Assembly on Jan. 15, and Governor Cuomo signed them into law the same day.

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