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Good Samaritan surprises thief; gets stabbed

Stabbed over car break-in

A thug who police say was breaking into cars on W. 11th Street in Gravesend was arrested on Oct. 10 — after he attacked a good Samaritan who tried to cut his life of crime short.

Witnesses told police that the 52-year-old thief was trying door handles on cars parked near Highlawn Avenue at 1:05 am when the Samaritan interrupted him.

Surprised, the thief flashed a knife and lunged at his victim, leaving him with a cut to the arm that required medical attention.

Cops caught up with the thief a short time later, charging him with attempted assault and menacing.

Gunman busted

Police say they have arrested a 22-year-old man they claim shot another man in the stomach during a June 17 robbery on W. 21st Street in Coney Island.

The victim was between Mermaid and Surf avenues at 6 pm when the suspect and another man pulled a gun on him and demanded his property. When the victim refused, the suspect opened fire, hitting the victim in the abdomen, police said.

Cops caught up with the suspect on Oct. 4 following a court appearance on an unrelated case, but he didn’t go willingly: he fought off the warrant officer looking to put him in custody.

Choked and robbed

Cops say a 25-year-old man was arrested on Oct. 10 after he attacked and robbed another man on Bridgewater Court in Brighton Beach.

The victim was nearing Brighton Fourth Street at 11:25 am when the culprit attacked, choking his prey until he gave up his cellphone.

Cops caught up with the would-be thief a short time later, charging him with robbery.

Beat down

Cops arrested a 42-year-old man who they say beat up a man during an Oct. 8 attack on Bay 53rd Street.

The two were arguing near Cropsey Avenue at 9:45 pm when the thug flashed a knife and told the victim to leave the area.

The victim complied, but that didn’t stop the suspect from punching him repeatedly, leaving him with a smattering of injuries.

Burglar bust

Two thieves broke into the Big Apple Car Service on Bath Avenue on Oct. 7 — but one of the crooks didn’t get away with it.

Workers at the car service station, located near 17th Avenue, said the two forced their way inside sometime after 11:15 pm, taking a portable safe.

Yet the two were caught on a surveillance camera, allowing cops to track down one of the suspects — a 53-year-old — a short time later.

Bay 25 assault

Police say a 24-year-old was arrested on Oct. 10 in connection with a Sept. 29 attack on Bay 25th Street.

The victim told police that he was nearing 86th Street just after midnight when the suspect and a partner — who has not been apprehended — attacked, throwing him to the ground. The suspects then pounced, leaving him with a fractured nose and cheek bone.

Senior robbed

A goon jumped an 80-year-old man in the lobby of his Nostrand Avenue building on Oct. 9, taking his fanny pack.

The senior was retrieving his mail inside his building between Avenues W and X at 11:30 am when the suspect attacked.

Robbed near Y

Two crooks jumped a 38-year-old man on E. 15th Street on Oct. 5, taking $60, a wallet and a watch.

The victim was nearing Avenue Y at 12:30 pm when the duo crept up from behind, put an unknown object to his neck, and demanded his property.

Cut over money

A thug stabbed a 45-year-old in the head with a screwdriver on Oct. 6 during a fight over money on Avenue W.

The two men were arguing near Batchelder Street at 8:10 am when the suspect flashed a screwdriver and attacked.

Arrested in school

Police arrested a 15-year-old they say lobbed a glass bottle at a 17-year-old inside Sheepshead Bay High School on Avenue X, hitting him in the face.

The victim was fighting with another person inside the school between Batchelder and Coyle streets when he was hit, suffering a deep cut near his eye.

Paramedics took him to Coney Island Hospital for treatment while the 15-year-old was charged with assault.

Cut in stomach

A creep attacked a 36-year-old with a knife during a row on E. 15th Street on Oct. 2 — slashing him in the abdomen.

The two men were arguing near near Avenue Z at 1:30 am when the suspect flashed his weapon and attacked.

Rear entry

A crew of crooks broke into an E. Second Street home on Oct. 7, taking an assortment of jewelry.

The victim, who lives between Avenues W and X, told police she left for the day at 9 am. When she returned at 5:20 pm, her back door was open and more than $8,000 in jewelry was missing.

Caught in the act

A burglar tried to sneak into a home on E. Second Street on Oct. 7, but ran off empty-handed when the homeowner caught him in the act.

The resident, who lives near Avenue U, said the thief was trying to crawl through an open window on the side of the house at 3:55 pm. When the homeowner confronted the thief at the window, the suspect jumped down and scrambled off.

Cold crime

Thieves broke into the Cold Stone Creamery on Harkness Avenue on Oct. 3, taking more than $3,000 from the register.

No ice cream was removed during the theft, which took place across the street from the Sheepshead Bay UA movie theater sometime after 1 am. The cold crook forced the front door in order to get inside.


A thief covered a 13-year-old girl’s eyes as he stole her iPhone during a harried Oct. 3 exchange on Gilmore Court.

The victim was nearing E. 11th Street at 5 pm when the thief snuck up behind her and plucked the phone from her hand.

— Thomas Tracy

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