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Google Glass snatched in S. Portland burglary

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


Someone broke into a man’s S. Portland Avenue apartment and stole his electronic equipment on May 3, the authorities said.

The victim told cops he was out between 11 am and 3 pm, and when he returned to his home between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, he noticed the stuff missing.

The burglar made off with a laptop, a backpack, a Bose sound system, and a Google Glass device, according to the report.


Two bandits, one masked, choked and robbed a 51-year-old woman on Saint James Place on May 2, cops said.

The victim told police she was between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street at 4:20 am when she saw a man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a mask standing in a store on Fulton Street at Washington Avenue.

She left the store and was walking towards Gates Avenue when a second fiend approached from behind and started choking her, according to a police report. The masked bandit went into her pocket and removed $50, then took off running on Saint James Place, the report says.

Harold and maraud

A cretinous couple robbed a 20-year-old woman on May 2, in a parking lot on Willougby Avenue, police stated.

The victim reported she was in the lot between Emerson Place and Hall Street at 11:25 pm when a lousy lady came up from behind, pulled her hair, and ran down Willoughby Avenue. The wretch’s worse half then grabbed the victim’s phone and followed close behind, police said.

Service interruption

A goon smacked the phone out of a 25-year-old woman’s hand on Lafayette Avenue on April 28, according to a report.

The victim said she was leaving the Clinton–Washington subway station at 1:15 pm and was checking the map on her phone when the no-goodnik ran up from behind and slapped the phone from her hand.

The scoundrel took off on foot, heading down Lafayette towards Saint James Place, the report says.

Park and steal

A pair of punks robbed a man while he sat in his car on Carlton Avenue on April 28, according to the authorities.

The victim related that he was parked between Flushing and Park avenues at 10:55 pm when the dastardly duo walked up to his window. One of the villains took a cellphone from the victim’s right hand and a wallet from his left and the partners in crime bounded off down Carlton Avenue towards Park Avenue, a police report says.


Two jerks took a teen’s money and cellphone on Navy Walk on April 30, cops said.

The 16-year-old told police he was on his way home from school between Navy Street and Myrtle Avenue at 3:45 pm, when the two tough guys walked over and asked for his money and phone.

The bullies grabbed $40 in cash and a mobile device from the youngster’s pocket, then scrammed, police said.

Six the hard way

A sinister sextet robbed a 27-year-old man on S. Oxford Street on May 3, officers said.

The victim recalled that he was walking past Lafayette Avenue and towards DeKalb Avenue at 1:25 am when someone hit him from behind on the neck, according to a police report. When the guy turned around he realized to his horror that four fearsome fellows and two ferocious females were following him, the report says.

The victim tried running to a nearby building and calling for help at the door, but the gang of six followed him up the stoop, police said. One of the punks pulled out a knife and demanded the victim fork over his money and cellphone, cops said.

The victim complied and handed over his phone and $20 in cash, according to the report.

Inside job

A Lafayette Avenue restaurant employee swiped cash from the eatery on May 4, police reported.

Staff at the restaurant between S. Elliott Place and S. Portland Avenue said one of their coworkers arrived at 8 am, went behind the counter, and took $2,000 from the drawer, then skedaddled. Owners said the rogue worker came from a temporary employment agency, which did not have an address for him, a police report states.Outside rob

Police arrested a 55-year-old man who they say threatened and robbed a man on Fulton Street on May 3.

The 32-year-old victim told cops he was standing near Vanderbilt Avenue at 7:32 pm when the alleged lowlife came up and asked for $25. When he told the villain he did not have it, the suspect made it clear that his query was a demand, not a request, according to cops.

“I have a gun. I don’t want to use it. Give me the cash you have,” the accused hissed, according to a police report.

The victim forked over and the purported perp took off on Fulton Street, the report said. Authorities said they apprehended the suspect soon thereafter at the corner of Lefferts Place and Classon Avenue.

Nearly knifed

A 50-year-old man was arrested inside a pizza place on Fulton Street on May 4 for trying to stab an 18-year-old, cops said.

The victim reported he was in the restaurant between S. Portland Avenue and S. Oxford Street at 10:10 pm when the lout lashed out, according to a police report.

Cops responded, found two knives on the suspect, and arrested him for outstanding warrants, the report says.

— Matthew Perlman

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