Goon hits Giando on the Water

Goon hits Giando on the Water
Photo by Bess Adler

Call it a picturesque pinching.

A bungling burglar broke into the famed Giando on the Water on March 22 — leaving more behind more than he took.

Police said the goon shattered several windows as he forced his way inside the Kent Avenue restaurant with its stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges sometime after 5 am.

But the break-in lacked any style: the thief, who wasn’t wearing gloves, cut his hands on the glass, leaving fingerprints and drops of blood all over the banquet hall, which is at Broadway.

He also bashed in several doors with a fire extinguisher, covering himself and several rooms with chemicals before leaving the restaurant with a computer.

“He made more of a mess than anything,” a police source said.